Help Please!!

Hi everyone!

I have been trying talk to my cells for about a couple months now.  I don't think I'm doing it right.  Has anyone had any success?  How long each day do you talk to the cells? I recently fried my hair so I had to chop it :(  So I tried to talk to my cells so that it can grow quicker, and of course I've been taking vitamins and herbs... But I had no success. So I tried something smaller, talking to my cells when I've had a stomach ache, or a headache, or some other pain. Again, nothing. 

So did you guys have to meditate for an hour?  Or look in the mirror? Or talk to them for 3 hours a day? Or say it out loud? Or write them a letter? (just kidding :)

Whatever it is, I'll do it. Please help!!!!!!

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  • I dont kno how relevant this was. I think you posted about vission after. I really dont have any tips save what everyone else said. I wish you best in everything. I know it will work out
  • How to work with this negative beliefs? Sometimes I feel that I believe that its possible and I'm optimistic and on another day I have doubts...What do you think about EFT? There should be some method to reprogramm your mind.
    Or for example, if you are under the deep hypnosis and the hypnotherapist is telling you : It is possible to change your appearance with your mind ! IAnd you wake up and you now have that believe that its possible .
    Do you think it will work?
  • There are lots of success stories about curing eye sight with Silva method.
  • There isnt any technique that will work if it doesnt fit into your belief systems. When it comes to the body, there are also quite a few other factors that people seem not to consider.

  • Thank you Ashe, I will try that.  I still want to learn the art of cell talk because my ultimate goal is to have perfect 20/20 vision (without lasik)  I figured if I could get them to grow out my hair, then fixing my eyesight will be a breeze :)

  • There was another post about hair recently. I cant say why things dont work. If you have to ask if doing something right then either its a bad method for you or you have doubts. Some people get technical while others do a simple post. Umm so methods to grow hair are that no shampoo one you are better off googling or somone else can explain. I use shampoo but I wash hair every two or every other day. When its wet and I cream rinse I use large toothed combs. I dont really brush hair but when I do I use a boarbristle or large tooth comb. I get natural shampoo and conditioner. My scalp is oily but my strands dry out faster. I have wavy medium type hair. If do vitamins pack lots of biotin. If do no shampoo method be careful with baking soda. Thing is you should be able to grow hair. I eat poorly and stopped vitamins cause of school. My hair is thick. Atm its not growing longer. Think too with all diff ways people do this type of thing, the common factor is belief in the method they use.
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