Help with migraines

I kno this has nothing to do wth Physical Appearance, but i thot this wud b the right place to discuss this.. My girlfrnd has migraines n she gets them almost everyday..

She is sick of it and we are both helpless..I try to make her laugh, but it doesnt work much.. Infact it doesnt work at all..

So pls, help me to teach her how to use LOA to cure her of migraines.. 

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  • Thank u.. :) I ll make her medititate.. N u kno what, my gal's name is Jyoti too.. :) 

    • :)

  • Hi Pavan, I too was a victim of severe migraine attacks lasting for 2 days per week and it used to abate only when I vomited roughly 15-20 times. I had almost given up and then since I'm quite a positive person, asked universe for an answer to this dilemma. This was a type of LOA, I think. I got answers from so many sources and I tried all. Today, I can say that I'm free of migraines totally. Migraines are usual triggered off by stress which is suppressed, like suppressed anger, guilt, hatred and since it cannot be directed at the person causing it, body takes it inward. The first thing required to be done is meditation. I've done meditation course at Brahmakumaris and it cleared 50% of the problem. For clearing the rest 50%, I learnt Reiki and today I can say Reiki cleared my issues and my mental stress. Keep up the faith that u are being guided properly and I'm sure your girlfriend will become better soon. God bless! :)

  • Thank u for ur suggestions.. But u kno, i was actually lookin for a long term solution using LOA.. Nevertheless, these wil b definitely useful.. Thank u so much..

    Blessings n love to u too.. :)

  • Thank u.. I shall suggest her this..

  • She has watched the secret movie, she claims she cant think happy thots during the pain.. But i shal try reading to her "The Power".. I havent read it myself.. Thanks..

  • i too have almost daily migraines. from a physical stand point i have found that massage and chiropractic work help relieve the pain and pressure so that i can then work on the other causes. another thing that really helps is getting enough water to flush out toxins in the body. as well as using an ice pack along the forehead and along the base of the head in conjunction with a heating pad on the back of my thighs really helps when other things are not available. this work on the physical cause which help shift the focus to more emotional and spiritual causes.  i know that louise hay has a list of physical symptoms and their metaphysical counter part then has an affirmation that helps. 

    let us know what happens.

    blessings and love


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