Hello everybody!Since December 22 I've been listening to mind powers' Irina Shayk subliminal. At the beginning I saw a few changes, but now I feel blocked.Maybe it's because I'm not in a great moment of my life now, and probably this doesn't help in the process...So, I'm here to ask for help to increase my energy level again. There's someone with more experience who can help me, please?Thank you in advance.:)

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  • Thank you very much for sharing this interesting information :) I'll let you know how is going on
    • Your welcome. Umm I hope still right, but I think if Google psionics for eye color change u may have luck. Before I knew wht loa was and came here, I read many storries on eyes, hair, height, mostly eyes but nothing on possibilities loa introduced. Tho I reason it's all same cuz if change eye color, u do change dna for tht color. Effects of tht really only matter if have kids or if u really scan blood for eye color, which I'm sure if it was just a yearly physical blood test no1 would care
  • Som ppl changed eye color yes and not with subs. Umm hmmm I have a more so called radical view of loa nd I had good quotes, and I keep remembering a old story a freind told me to read. I guess umm keep with subs. I was told be consistent. On youtube I never read a post about a sort of sliding back to old feelings after subs. Umm meditation is great. All I'll give, due to my viewpoint not being main stream for loa is wht you believe will be, and telling self u have to use tools makes u have to use them. Also subs are grounded in science, so weather get change or not things do happen. Clearing negativity is important. I wish I did have tht old story though, saved I mean
    • Ps I kno multiple ways to change eye color, but it not method tht matters.

      Psionics techniques
      Merely believe u can

      As for if permenant... if u have to ask, tht implies doubt, but there is always learning involved
    • Katarina what have you changed? 

    • Oh I forgot, 2 inches from classic length hair, everytime trim I start over, gets closer each time. When my hair hits goal or whtever comes 1st, thts when will know I can eat wht want and maintain body I want
    • Nose, getting into classes said couldn't. Found a decent wad of cash in drawer once. Rng in my phone apps and finding almost all info on anything I need within a day. Umm a while ago it was driving. Usually I use on skin irritation, weather it's gone or not I don't check but to make it not painful. Slightly influencing ppl around me when need something (need is diff thn wants)
  • Adding to meditation, try a guided meditation. I have been recently reading about Kundalini Awakening (http://anomex.blogspot.co.uk/p/kundalini-force-has-awoken.html). Part of its process is clearing you of blocks. I have experienced the exact same things with Mind Power's subliminals. Some days I feel like I'm leaping forward (a scar that I've had for years is finally fading) and other days I feel like I'm thrust back. Has anyone actually been able to change their eye color completely? Or grow a significant amount? Maybe the first people (willing to write about it in a public way) to do so will be here soon, as it seems everyone is awakening at once. 

    Here is a good Kundalini guided meditation that has you open up your chakras: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNQepa8yANQ

  • Thank you very much for you suggestions :)
    Can you please tell me what do you think it's the best way to meditate?
    • You can meditate in loads of different ways, it's important that you do it in whatever way is easiest for you. I focus on light and do a mixture of meditation and prayer but people find a number of ways helpful.
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