High Calcium

I'm 25 years old, and I still wanna be taller. I do sport everyday, and I also buy milk with high calcium. What should I do in order to that milk works for me? (to grow taller). It would be very great when I'm getting taller. Can anybody help me?

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  • I would say that you are both way off base but I honestly don't think that Lindi came here for food advice.
  • Believing is one thing, but I would also recommend going on a plant based (vegan) diet. People have been misguided into thinking that calcium that's in milk or any other dairy product helps to develop, strengthen, and grow the bones. But it actually does the opposite. The intake of large amounts of dairy products is actually linked to osteoporosis. 

    Going on a plant based diet will also increase the frequency you're on which will help you attract things much quicker and easer. 

  • That's very nice advice. Thank u Kendra, I'll keep that in mind :)

  • I wanna grow as tall as possible. If I grow 6' feet tall, that'll make me happier. What if suddenly I focus on another thing? I focus that I want to buy own house? And then have own business?

  • Like Jota said -- believe it's working. You don't even need the milk or calcium supplements in order to grow taller! You only need your mind. Visualize it. Think of yourself as being taller. What do you look like? What do things around you look like when you are the height you want to be? You may visualize yourself looking down to see certain things (because you are so tall!) ;) Keep reminding yourself daily that you're growing. your legs are growing. Tell your legs to grow! Tell them to grow to whatever height you wish to be and not to stop until you've reached it. Tell them daily, and also ask your cells to work in combination with your legs and help them  to grow. ;)

  • I guess you could say "the placebo effect" works for me. If it were me I'd simply tell my body one time " the milk I drink will help me grow 6' tall." And I would let it go and drink my milk daily as I normally do. Well IDK the exact height you'd like to be, its just an example. Good luck. c:

  • what means placebo exactly? please explain me about placebo, and also give example how to apply placebo! thanks.

  • I used to

  • That's why drinking or eating don't matters.

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