Holy shiitake mushrooms...

I grew. I grew. I f***ing grew. And its only been a few days. 

I'm so elated right now. I feel like saying LOA is my bitch and I own it. Oops, I already said it.

Ahh life is good. Ok let me back up. 

(Raises hand) Hi, my name is Selene and I'm a CPA-a-holic (changing physical appearance lol). I've been in this group since like 2010 er 2011 - one of those I'm not sure. Anywho, I'm your resident lurker, stopping by every so often to see whose done what. Reading the success stories and what not, trying to get a spin on this whole LOA thing, and pretty much getting nowhere. Well, not nowhere. I made myself shrink about a half an inch once. I was feeling pretty angry.

Well okay, I've also gotten my complexion to clear up, but I mean nothing drastic. How pretty I look depends on my moods.  So recently, like since about NYE, I was reading through Natalie's method again and decided to find out more about Neville Goddard. Lo and behold, I've found that I read his teachings before and pretty much took it for apeshit. Now, it totally resonates with me.  Talk about the teacher appearing when the student is ready haha.

So, I've been applying his method - well really it's a way of life, with A LOT of resistance,  and in about four days I've grown from 5'5" give a half inch when I'm feeling good, to be 5'6 13/16". So basically, a whole freaking inch. In FOUR DAYS!

Note me, that is so totally not my goal. I got mad, and fed up, and wanted to be my goal height of 5'11" in lime three days. But who cares. I will be. Scratch that, I already am. I'm just allowing it to be my reality.

Crazy thing, I got on here, and the first post I see is about the guy who wants to be a male model. Me too! Well, the model part at least. I don't want to be a man. No offense to the wonderful men here, it's just I'm  completely satisfied with my boobs and vagina. GIRL POWER! haha. 

But yeah, I saw his posts, and thought "total synchronicity", I know how he feels. Then I randomly went to go measure myself.  Dude, I cannot tell you the satisfaction I'm feeling now.

Seriously guys, Neville Goddard is the shizz. Check him out.

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  • when he says to visualize here and now

    is he saying to visualize them for example in the room you are , because thats the here for you you are sleeping in your room ? but what if we wanna visualize like walking at some street, than we must visualize it at some distance

    or something else ?

    could you pls shed some light on it

  • I'm keeping this thread 5ever.pls don'tever delete selene
  • Have you made any progress?

  • Selene, does this work for attracting a specific partner as well?

  • 4 Days ???! That's pretty fast, Selene! Did you experience growth pains ?
    And im not so good at visualizing..The faces and images are always a little unclear. I'm trying your method but it takes me a bit of an effort to visualize.
    You said you were offering quite a bit of resistance too ?

  • Me too Energy Zone
  • I love that blog!
  • I did something like this once. Imagined my friend telling me that my boobs looked bigger when I just woke up in the morning. I feel back asleep and actually had a short dream about the situation! I'm going to try to do it morning and night. 

    I want to be a model also but I don't want to be really tall...

  • I can't tell if you are still misunderstanding or what, but I just wanted to know HOW much we can shift.

    If you think about it, morality is a concept.

  • @Andrew

    Here's the thing; i'm only giving that as an example. Maybe you should take Eternity and Karolina's advice. Sending my grandfather to ww2 would be mean, but I'm only using that as an example. I want to change parallel universes of myself, not actually put my grandfather through that distress.

    And @Selene sorry for putting so much stuff on your back; I really only wanted your opinion on that topic.

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