Hooded Eyes

could anyone help me with some tips to get hooded eyes? I also would like my lower eyelids raised up a little. I’ve seen a lot of threads with visualization but for some reason I just can’t visualize myself with them. So could anyone help me with this?

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  • Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it Iggy. 

  • Try searching the net for images of the most ideal eyelids. Now, inspect the image and close your eyes. Try to recall all details in your mind's eye. Do this for a few seconds, and open your eyes again. Inspect the image and see how much details youve recalled. Close you eyes again and start over. Keep practicing till you've trained your mind to reconstruct the image youve wanted. 

    Im of the opinion that you dont have to see yourself with the desired feature. What also can work is appriciating that something in others. Seeing it clearly in your minds eye, if visualising yourself with it is too hard. Practice makes perfect

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