How a manifestation really happens

This is the first time I have posted a Discussion.  I have read many of the posts and am very familiar with all the ways one is supposed to achieve their desires weather it is a change in physical appearance or financial matter.

Cell talking, making intentions and believing they will happen, etc.  never has worked for me and probably hasn't for most people too.  I did have an experience that showed me how creation really happens.  This manifestation had nothing to do  with physical appearance but I have no doubt it can be used to create anything.

This is what happened to me.  My car was fourteen years old and rusted so badly it would not make another inspection.  I had no money for even another old car.  I was desparate. I always parked my car in front of my shed.  One day I came out of my shed and I was overwhelmed with this wonderful feeling of love for my car.  I don't believe I have ever loved anything or one, as much as I loved my car in that moment.  This feeling was an actual physical sensation in my body and it felt wonderful.  It was not an ordinary every day feeling which I think is basically a mental event. I believe it was given to me by my higher self.  The feeling did not come from this world.

You see there was no way in this world that I would ever love my car.  It was a supernatural event that allowed me to love my car and never want to let it go.  This feeling was so genuine that I never once felt it ridiculous or absurd that I deeply loved my old car.  If you genuinely love what you have, you release all resistance and than the universe gives you what you really want.. I had a new car and a great one in less than two weeks and it didn't cost me a cent.

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  • Zero,

    Ive done both. Sure both techniques manifest but when it comes to using powerful feeling states, it will put you in a depression mode sooner or later. The price for putting yourself in high feeling states is depression.

    What I do instead is grounding myself and I release resistances to my goals. In my case there won't be any high feeling states that will lead me into depression. 

    • Most everything of what you've said here in the comments & In your post resonate eerily well with me and my own experiences! Awesome that I've read this. Very, very helpful and I will try to stay on the path of grounding rather than reaching for those high feeling states. So odd that you said they tend to create depressive states because I've been struggling like never before in my life with depressive feelings!!! It happened after I began working to reach all those feel good states. Never knew this was why! Makes sense though. I have been thinking maybe I'm trying TOO hard to feel good. It's become all I ever think about and I feel such a battle, sometimes a painful one every single day to find a place of feeling good. It became a real struggle for me. I could be just trying too hard and not simply allowing though, but I tell you. It's weird that I come across your information right now because just within the past 2 days I forced myself to stop focusing so intensely on feel good, feel good, feel good and try for simple love. I kept repeating "I am love. I am pure love. I vibrate with love, etc." And what do ya know?! EVERY thing I worked last night to manifest happened today! EVERYTHING! So, you really are onto something & I'm so grateful to have this info because now I know what it is I need to do too to get there. :) Thank you so much for this! From now on, I'm gonna focus on operating in love and make positive affirmations surrounding love rather than feel good states.

      Oh, and about the cell talking. OMG I thought I was the only one getting NOWHERE with that. I never have said it aloud or typed that, though because I was trying to keep believing. Nothing. Not a single bit of anything has come from the past 2 months of cell talking daily, or using those binaural beats, sadly. :( Maybe it's just not for everyone.

    • I doubt the depressive states come from using high-vibration states, more likely they happen because yall're basically not used to being in that vibration on a regular basis. Or perhaps the moving energy is bringing up your real feelings so they can be dealt with. Either way, i'd be investigating as opposed to burying them, as they are probably related to blocks.

    • Ever since I stopped using excitement and very high feeling states, I stopped being depressed. Being high in feelings is not natural. You're forcing your body to be in a habit of it. Sure it will bring up negative feelings but negative feelings will be intense because you try to be very high so the low will be very intense.

      When you are calm and grounded, negative feelings will come up as well but not as intense and are easier to let go instead of feeling intensely negative. When you release negative feelings, it will bring inner peace. I've done this sooo many times. I don't even have to MAKE myself feel good anymore. I'm at the point where I feel good without even trying.

      Who would be you be more attracted to? A person who is excited and have really good high feelings or somebody who is calm and peaceful?

    • I mean whos more attractive... a person who is trying to be high, excited and fun all the time? or somebody is naturally calm and peaceful? I personally met a lot of people who try to be positive and happy all the time but it comes off as fake

    • The idea isn't to be in a high feeling state all the time lol...Just in the space of time you're adding energy to what you're trying to attract. Emotions=Energy movement, the more energy,minus resistance, the faster the manifestation.

      Your method is fine, it will just take longer than someone who can master higher amounts of energy.

      The individuals who seek to be positive all the time have got caught up in the positive feeling trap, and are probably not being genuine, there is no 'positive' or 'negative' energy, those are judgements we place on them. Strong emotions are a powerful tool, and some will be able to use them, and some won't.

    • If you have depression, that means what you were expressing (overwhelming joy) wasn't in alignment with what you're used to, most likely. Which is normal, but as I said that's more of a personal thing, some people are just different.

    • Everyone is different. Use whatever works best for you, at the time.Don't tell people "you'll get depressed" just cuz you do, cuz not everyone will, or does.

  • Powerful feeling states are the key to any shift, they aren't easy for everyone to use though..

  • manifestation happens when you release resistance

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