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    Well its always the same process for everything, the method doesn't matter at all. Do what it works for you, it could be visualization, affirmation, biokinesis,  whatever you like but the key is in suggesting your mind, and having faith in yourself. You have to feel like true what are you thinking.Your subconscious takes the orders you give it based upon what your conscious mind believes and accepts as true. I was in the same situation than you I really liked me and loved me but... whay not to improve a little :) so I increase my height a bit and change a little my nose. the bone part because I had a little bump (I liked my nose with the bump).. but I wonder how do I would look without it so I changed it..  and then just little stuff like small marks like scars on the arm and hand, anyways I still being happy as always. Remember everything is possible, Marcus Aurelius said "A man's life is what his thoughts make of it." ..Whatever we think and feel, we create, we create what we believe.


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    ummm.. I dont really took the time pamela it was months and months ago but. I think it was between 1 and 2 weeks. Could be less but dont focus on the time, it depends on your beliefs. everybody is different


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    Look rizne, the first thing I did was increasing my height, time ago.. something like 5cm but I had a minimum knowledge about all this so, I started looking for information about how to grow and I found Biokinesis and also recordings with subliminal messages about growing. I listen to that record (30mins) every night feeling myself that I was growing.. yep a little boring sometimes, and also did biokinesis but I wasn't consistent because for me that method was very complex and difficult, and I dont personally recommend you, there are much easier methods..anyways finally after some days I started to look results. I marked in my room a line where I wanted to be my height and finally I did it.. I was euphoric because its just amazing the things you can do with your life.. when you achieve something like that you really understand the power within us. You can be, have and do whatever you want. You are your own creator. Now after some time I started to learn about Law of atraction and that stuff and I watched the movie the secret and read about it. And then after practice with a lot of things in my life I did the thing with my nose and was much more easier because I realize that is not the method.. is the beliefs you have.. the thoughts and feelings through repetition and faith. A book that I really loved is called tha Power of your Subconscious mind, awesome book. I read it like 3 times lol.. anyways after some time I found this site and here I am.. I dont really remember what I was looking for but I like it and stay..well I think thats all. Any query you have dont doubt on asking me ;). Auf Wiedersehen


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    There is no problem if you are very attached or not. The thing is that anytime you think in your "desire" think it in a positive way, just like you said feel and act as you already have it. Otherwise if you are able to forget about it (being happy on the way, worry and despair is not allowed), then forget it and just feel your reality when is the time, e.g., before going to sleep, when you just wake up or any other time you like. Bye.


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    Yeah.. a method like any other  like I told you it was when I starting to gather some information. In that time I was a ignorant in Law of atraction and subconscious stuff. And by the way I just remembered what you said, everybody was like this is very dangerous and stuff like that haha anyways I dont recommend that method because althought it works for me its a little complex and there are much more easier methids



    Hope it helps!

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  • Can anybody tell me what max said??
  • Manifesting used to be so damn easy back when I was a child, it's not too hard now but definitely not as easy or effective. Society ruins our innocence, it's like our mindset becomes corrupted. We have to forget about what others think we can do and believe in ourselves. I know you can do it as long as YOU believe! :)

    • This is so true-- as a child, I was very spiritual and drawn to certain spiritual and "supernatural" concepts. Now I find myself doubting and questioning things, quite different from the mindset I used to have. It almost feels dangerous to let myself dream and imagine so it's been a little difficult learning how to do that again. But it can be done, any mindset or behavior can be changed. :)

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  • I'm trying to reshape my nose right now and change my eye color as well. I've been experimenting with this for quite a long time and until now I've had my fair share of successful stories when it comes to manifesting physical change. By sharing them with you guys, I hope I'll give you the inspiration to manifest great things as well..

    My 1st physical change manifestation happened when I was about 4yo, I had curly hair the kind that you get if you use a curling iron but I hated it. I don't know why though, looking back my hair was beautiful. But for some reason I didn't like it so without even knowing the loa existed I sent my intention to have straight hair to the universe. Soon enough, it happened. I was watching a family video the other day and noticed that after a year the hair around my scalp was completely straight and by the time I was 6yo, there was no trace of my curly hair. When I was still 6yo I had a fair skin but I wanted to be naturally tanned, once again I sent my intention and believed 100% I would get a naturally tanned skin. That very same year, I went to the beach and fell asleep under the sun, my mom woke me up once she noticed, obviously my skin looked burn but a week after I had a beautiful golden tan. From that day, I've always been naturally tanned.

    Most recently, I saw a video of mine and noticed that besides having badly crooked teeth, my front teeth were severely misaligned so I went to my dentist to see if I could use invisalign but she told me my teeth were too crooked and my only option were traditional braces which I didn't want. So I started saying affirmations that my teeth were getting straighter and straighter and soon people started to notice it too. Recently I've had an appointment with my dentist again and the 1st thing she told me when she saw me was that my teeth were much straighter, we talked about it and she said that invisalign is the best option for my teeth right now because they're barely crooked now. Last year I was also able to successfully make my cheeks pinkier by visualizing them and saying affirmations and drop 10 pounds just by visualizing myself thinner. 

    Also, my hair is currently curly again because I perm it but when I don't it gets wavy. I might use manifestation to make it permanently curly again in the future when I decide whether I prefer it curly, wavy or straight.

    I think that's all. So far so good. Hope it helps you

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  • Biokinesis is a method like any other, but the internet people are saying that the method take years to improve, which is difficult and dangerous and bla bla bla, I do not see any danger being that I'm putting my intention into something good.

    Lately I am not able to meditate and not see, I get tired of work and end up falling asleep.

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