• Hey Max welcome here , i have a story that look like a bit with you , i changed mt height 2 times after 18 Reading the power of subconscious , then  i started talking with the persons and they discourage me in this time ...


    Dont respecting your own experiences is a big no-no in this game , the result is that i stoped , but my desire were so strong  in this time that i grew up , even without trying .


    then i discover the secret years later , and the first time i start saying this is bullshit , but , you see , then i notice ..." i critizing it without at least trying , you know what, i will test it' and i discovered more and more that is truth.


    You are right , its amazing how powerful you are , and the best thing is ...its only the beggin :) :) :)



    Dont worry with your english , mine is a mess hehehe :)



  • Max that is awesome and Thanks. I am creating the same desires as you but maybe I am more attached to mine. Did u act like you are already tall throughout the day or did you just medidate and feel like growing after that just let it go!? I am so amazed by you .... Some people chnage their beliefs easily
  • this is a success story posted by ewerson

  • Max .... Why don't you write in detail what you did .... exactly what steps you took .... so that it would help everyone here. How long did you visualize or what techniques you used that worked for you, did you "act as if it already happened" and if true thn how long .... everyday until it changed or just once and you let it go. 

  • Thank you very, very  much!!!

    I will try and I will let you know about my results :)

  • nice. glad for you. think your attitude was key- thanks for sharing.

  • thank you max :)

  • waww, great! and how long it taked for your nose?

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