If one was depressed in life due to situations that keep happening, and to get rid of them is to focus on the good of things. How do u do that without bad things interupting you and making you feel worse?

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  • If you have noticed a pattern than the lessons you were meant to learn, you have not yet learned or the lesson in the experiences were not for you but someone else involved. Envision your experiences and look at them, feel them from every possible angle. Then reflect from them. Not focusing on any particular instance just replay them back. Address how these experiences fit in your life, the outcomes, people you have met (how they were affected) how you felt, what you saw, etc. Then just listen. Do this as many times as you need to. Come to understanding of these experiences and the parts that bring you
    Grief and pain, learn, accept, and let go. Remembering the lessons but letting go in order to accept and receive new experiences in order to evolve the cycle. It will be Ok dear, it's time to raise to the next level but in order to do so you must let yourself :) ask the spirits for guidance, Pray for dreams that contain clear messages in order for you to learn and heal from your past so that you can achieve the ability to share great things. Love and blessings to you <3 ApriLynn <3
  • I can answer that :) 

    If you do meditations and feel positive, but ONCE you enter "the real world",  you feel bad, then this an indication of severe lack of self - love  You core vibration is of fear, rather than on love. You cannot manifest out of place of fear. There are plenty of topics both here and in the main forum on self - love. Maybe you can check them out :) good luck 

  • If any of uz can answer this. I would like to say that i do meditate and i do feel positive, it emptys out the negativeness and i feel real good afterwards.. Problem is that its only a temporary feeling. Any suggestions :L?

  • I think of good things and the outcome of my desire it makes me feel good. And I think that if your positive and negative stuff comes your way they are trials that you have to overcome and doing they would all disappear
  • . I believe of
  • by doing meditations :) There are plenty on youtube :) 

  • Stay away from people that make you sad, or if that's impossible you have to "train"  yourself not to give a damn abt what other ppl say or do. Forgive and focus on your goals. Life is a precious gift so dont waste it, and when you cant solve a problem leave it behind clear your head and after a while you will see that it was nothing really important.

    Nothing is really matters exept you. Be selfish. 

  • As I think chrissy said in a diff topic you need be feeling like have what want in the now. Id say feel what is want or visualize and while working in present you need to stay positive, even if something off topic is cause. Im working on something similar
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