How do you let go when people are treating you differently?

I’ve always been treated like some delicate little girl. Even by people my own age. It’s very traumatic for me. I’ve been trying to make my face less round. It wasn’t particularly round when I was a kid, but now it’s round and I don’t look my age. I can try to ignore my appearance, but sadly the way people treat me reminds me of what I don’t like about my appearance. I also feel incredibly unsuccessful and unsatisfied in general.

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  • I agree with IggyB and also i think work on your confidence if you change your thoughts about yourself it will attract people to think better thoughts of you. Love your self and see your self as strong and well liked. 

  • How people treat us has also to do with our attitude towards them and life in general. My question to you is how do you act, walk and talk. You might be small in posture but can have the courage and voice of a lion. People will adjust their opinion of you accordingly. If you act like a delicate flower (pointing out how weak you are, how big of a victim you are, how people take advantage of you, being dependant on others help, your overal mannerism that communicate 'Im a weakling' etc) people will treat you like that.

  • You need to ignore.

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