I'm talking skin colour, bone structure, nose, eye colour, side profile, basically every feature.I suppose it does depend on my beliefs and on the similarity between my present appearance and my desired one. I truly believe in LOA, at least consciously (I still have doubts for whatever reason, but that's due to negative thought patterns from the past) and I don't think the difference between my face and my desire is "too" extreme?Anyways, I'd like to know what you think.All answers are welcome, please feel free to respond!! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

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    • It's facinating to see how life unravels. My wish was to win 100K so that I could stop working and live the coming 4-5 years worry free. That wish came out. Now I can do whatever I want all day long without anyone bothering me. The freedom that Im blessed with is so much fun. But at the same time you get used to it. The euphoric feeling dissipates gradually. Same thing with looks. Ones you have it it becomes your baseline. 

      The downside of this wish was the destruction of my old life. It imploded on itself. My business went down the drain. All my relationships blew up. I became a bit depressed. This is the thing. For things to change to you vision, things will change, sometimes drastically. You might think things are getting worse. But trust that it is supposed to happen - letting go of the old to make room for the new. It's all part of the process and things are always working out for you.

  • Thank you very much for answering !!!

    I understand and agree with what you've said, unfortunately there's still a part of me that doesn't. She (that part of me) is quite obsessive and very stubborn and likes to have complete knowledge and control. No worries though, I believe I've found the root to that issue, only thing that's left is to fix it, which is definitely easier said than done.

    As for my priority of what I'd like to change, my face would endlessly bring me joy. I'd love my pale skin, tiny straight nose, clear skin, wide upturned eyes, naturally rosy lips and blush, golden ratio proportions and perfect facial symmetry. I would be a thousand times more confident in my own skin and I'd love to brighten everyone's day with my smile. My looks would be more delicate and innocent and suit my personality a lot more.
    I'll be much more comfortable and happier looking in the mirror and taking pictures with myself in them. People would enjoy my presence a lot more and bother to have a conversation without me coming up to then first. I'd also talk to people more and care less if they think negatively of me, due to the increased confidence. I'd most likely go outside a lot more and enjoy it. And I'd be more comfortable in public.

    That's really all I can think of for the moment! (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。
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    • Bless your stubborn self. I mean it. Say thank you everytime you have a negative thought. Dont fight the negativity. By fighting/resisting negativity it persists. Say stuff like 'Thank you, i love you... and then affirm your desired wish. Gratitute and love are very powerful emotions. How can you stay mad at a negative thought if you bath it in love? Take its power away by doing the oposite: being positive. This increases your positive vibes. As a side effect, this game reveils your inner dialog. It makes conscientious the amount of time you dwell on the negative. Also it create room for practicing gratitute conscientiously. 

      Check out neville Goddard's stuff. The most impactful thing he said is to convince yourself that you already ARE the person. In your statements you'd say that you would like xyz. Change that to I love my new xyz.
      "I FEEL xyz because i HAVE xyz" is better than "I WILL FEEL xyz when xyz came to pass".
      The difference is that one affirms it has not yet been manifested while the other states it as a done deal. Subtle but big difference in frequency.  

      You're on your way. I see you know exactly what you want. THAT'S HUGEEE! You will have it if you hold on to that vision. Manifesting stuff is not difficult once you get out of your own way. All you need is gratitute and love. Make your vision a game. After all, reality is nothing but a virtual reality. So dont take live to serious. It's very similar to a video game. 

      I managed to win the lottery 3x in one month. I focused on winning something and I let it go. I also managed to win €100k which took me 2 years. I had major doubts, but even with so much resistance it manifested. Like you I want to improve my outer appearance. It's a struggle for me to ignore reality. I even went so far to cover the mirrors. It relieved the anxiety, but im still long ways from accepting the drastic changes to my appearance in the last few years. Eventually I'll get there. It's fun to invision myself as a stud. Keep us updated on your progress.

  • No one can tell you how long it will take. Just know that your desires has been heared. The reality that you want has been created vibrationally. Now it's a matter of tuning into that vibration long enough so that it will become your baseline. Then it will show up into your live. A wish is like a pregnancy. First there is conception... the birth doesnt take place the next day. It takes time for it to mature enough. Don't be too focused on the due date. This concern is reaffirming the 'not having my desire', which keeps your vibration the say: lack of your desire. Bath in your dream reality. Talk about it often. Feel how it would be like to be that person. Feel yourself in that reality. That is your only job. It's fun to play this game. Have fun with it and let the universe delight you. The more intense your desire is the faster it manifests. 

    Let's start the game right now. Tell use what you want to change about yourself, and how will it feel/improve your life?

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