How often do you visualize?

I was just wondering, how often and for how long does everybody visualize?

I must admit, I'm not very disciplined. I can't say I've visualized for more than probably 10-15 days straight and there have been periods when I don't visualize at all. The time I put aside for it also varies. Some days I do it for over and hour and others I can't concentrate for 5 minutes. I think that's the main reason I'm not having and major results. I wanted to know how everyone else is doing.

One time I visualized very vividly for maybe a week or so and I started getting results - my cellulite started disappearing. But the I sort of stopped and so did the changing. I feel like I know the theory of physical changing and understand it pretty well, but I'm having trouble with following my own advice. 

Also, while we're at it, what's your favorite visualization scenario?

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