• Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me. I don't really have any money right now but I will see about the PSTEC Positive Extra Power. Your English is very good. 

    You are the best. I hope you find success too.

    • Nan,

      Just know that in order for the new belief to 'stick' it's important to erase opposing beliefs first (with the Belief Blaster) before installing a new belief with PSTEC Positive. The ideal way to go about it is this:

      1. Identify the negative belief and give it a rating from 0 - 10 with regard to how true it sounds/ feels to you.

      2. Ask yourself: "What situations have I experienced that made/ make me believe that _________________ (--> negative belief) is true? What's my proof that _____________ is true? Make bullet points of these incidents and list your negative feelings along with a 'rating' for each incident, so you can see for yourself that the intensity has decreased after using the PSTEC tools.

      3. Then use the PSTEC click tracks to erase the feelings around those experiences. (Always take time to rate the intensity of the feelings, and if a feeling has changed after each round, until you are at a "0")

      4. Use the PSTEC Belief Blaster to erase the negative belief.

      5. Install the new belief (usual the opposite of the limiting belief you erased) with PSTEC Positive.

      6. Done!!!

      All the best!



    • Sunny,

      Is the Belief Eraser the same as the Belief Blaster? 

    • Where did you read “belief eraser”? On the PSTEC website? Or in one of my replies?

      There are 2 belief-erasing PSTEC tools, PSTEC Negative and the PSTEC Belief Blaster. As I mentioned in my first reply to you, the one that worked for me and my clients is the PSTEC Belief Blaster. That’s the one I recommend you get :-)

    • I saw it on the website. I think those are two different things. Thank goodness the blaster is cheaper. I got a bit mixed up. Thank you

    • You're welcome! :)

  • Hi!

    I literally dedicated the past 30 years to finding ways how to best change my beliefs....and quickly so ;-)  Since I knew that I always get/ receive/ allow/ attract what I truly believe deep down inside, I wanted to be able to erase limiting beliefs and then 'install' new beliefs, just like one can do with software programs of a computer. I was on a quest not only for myself, but also for my clients. I already had all the tools to change/ neutralize emotions, but beliefs were a completely different matter. To me, having something that allows me to erase beliefs and create new ones is the 'holy grail' !

    I can't even begin to list all the modalities, techniques and methods I've tried, but only about a year ago did my quest come to an end :)  

    (drum roll, please!)

    The modality is called PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique). The developer of it (Tim Phizackerley from the UK, someone I may proudly call my friend, meanwhile) created PSTEC initially to erase feelings. He still has the original PSTEC click tracks available on his website as a FREE download. Meanwhile, he has developed many more PSTEC tools, and finally, an eraser of beliefs as well. The first belief-erasing product he released was called "PSTEC Negative", however, neither I nor my clients took to it, even though I heard that other people had great success with it - but I (nor my clients) did not.

    Tim released another belief-erasing  product several months ago, and hit the bullseye - it is AMAZING!!!! I can't even begin to describe how awesome and effective it is!!! To give you an example: One of my really detrimental core beliefs was that I wasn't lovable. I estimated how true this belief sounded on a scale from 0 - 10 (with 0 being not true at all, and 10 being absolutely true). I gave my limiting belief a rating of  9 1/2 ;-).

    Then I used the "PSTEC Belief Blaster" at total of 3 times only, and by the end of the 3rd time, I was LAUGHING at ever having believed this! It felt completely untrue!THAT'S how effective it is! Now, there are other things you need to know about its use, though. Ideally, you want to have erased all negative emotions first, before you use the belief blasters. That's the 'work' I had already done before Tim released the belief blasters...  For example, I had already erased negative emotions of several related past experiences (basically, memories of past situations I used as 'proof' that I wasn't lovable), and no longer felt negative emotions regarding those events (but still believed 100% that I wasn't lovable). That was the foundation of the following work with the beliefs blasters. But this sounds way more complicated than it really is! Just make sure you listen to the audio tutorials that come with both the free PSTEC click tracks, as well as the PSTEC Belief Blasters. Even though they're truly simple to use, it's super important to understand HOW to use these tools correctly for the best outcome.

    So, and now you know how to get rid of your limiting beliefs!

    (BTW, I hardly if ever respond to posts because it takes me so much time to write - English is my second language - but when I saw a "fellow seeker" who is on the same quest I once was, I felt I HAD to share what I found out!)

    These are the English/ American sites: and . belongs to Tim, and the other site is run by his left hand, Jeff. (And yours truly is the person (along with my team consisting of two of my sisters and a lovely German gentleman and former HighSchool principal who offered his help with regard to translations) who brings this wonderful modality to all German speaking countries :)  )

    I hope you will let us know of your results, once you've used PSTEC yourself!

    Wishing you the greatest success,



    P.S. I forgot to mention that if you want to INSTALL new positive beliefs, you would do this with "PSTEC Positive Extra Power". In addition, I also find EFT or Tapping helpful when it comes to installing new beliefs or releasing negative feelings... However, erasing limiting beliefs with EFT/tapping just takes f o r e v e r (from my personal experience and that of my clients) ;-) . I also was trained in PsychK, and didn't have much success with that modality either, even though I read the most remarkable accounts about it. These are just 2 of the 'gazillion' modalities I tried and was also trained in that didn't do what I hoped they'd do....

    Get Your Powerful Free Download For Emotional Freedom With The PSTEC Technique. Self Help Fast.
    Get Your Powerful Free Download For Emotional Freedom With The PSTEC Technique.
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