how to change eye color with pictures

hi  i want to put my picture up of the time i changed my eye color, it might not be proof enough for everyone but it is proof enough for me and my family.

i ahve been trying to change my eye color for a long time and even though i did try hypnosis ( thats the reason i signed up for powerfulintention in 2008) it didnt work but when i tried adding honey to my technique it really helped and my eye color changed to a lighter clearer shade! people have been sending me msg for years about how i achieved it, so i made an ebook about the honey regimen if any body wants to try it.

however here is the thing that ithink alot of pple are missing with loa, its hard as humans to feel we can change things without linking what you are doing with some action, and thats what i feel i did, at first i used the honey and it did lighten my eyes a lighter shade and i think that is due to 2 things.

1- the honey does lighten the eyes for its chemical properties

2- my spiritual self was really high that month because it was ramadan and it is a month of spiritual connection with the creator, 

so i feel these do things helped the change

however with the honey you need to keep it up and i did on and off, after the initial month i stopped and did it again later but this time i really tweaked my mind body technique  and the result was amazing this time i got reaction from family members which is nice, like i said i still didnt keep it up but the last technique had a lasting affect, my mom believes now that my eyes change color, which it never did before they were just brown, and so does my brother they both think my eye color changes (I always wished to be like other pple where there eyes change color i was jealous of some friends who had this trait) so to my family now my eyes change from brown to grey ( well not all my family mostly my brother and mom) 

even though my eyes are still brown and i thiink that is becausei didnt keep it up ( but like i said they change from time to time) as my sister said if i actually kept doing my technique for a long time i thinnk i would of secured and sealed the change. and i wrote my ebook on my website if anyone wants to know how to do the mind body connection. but i have the whole basic honey regimen for free i will add the report here as an attachment normally you have to opt in to my newsletter.

i hope this give faith to pple who see eye color can change oh one more thing the another difference now is that weirldy enough my eyes in pictures sometimes look grey lol, i NEVER had that before and used to be jealous of pple where there eyes can look different in pictures.

enjoy and allah bless!

and here is the link to my eye picture from the honey regimen

1The finding of the ancient honey regimen web text.pdf

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  • There's info all over the web about using honey/water, msm, and a few other things to lighten your eyes. There's even videos on Youtube about it for the people who are interested in this type w/o paying. I've looked up tons of info and I'm about to start up my regimen. Nice to know you got results though I can't really tell b/c the lighting of the pics do look different which makes it hard but i'm hopeful

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