How to Deal with the Reflection in the Mirror.

I've received this question a few times since I've been back here: How do we deal with our reflection when we are trying to alter our physical appearance?When we are trying to make a physical change, we can feel good, happy, positive about it for a while. But then, we might look in the mirror & when we dont see significant results - our doubt's get the better of us. We begin to feel hopeless or even ridiculous for even thinking it was even possible for us to make such a change in the first place. Our positive feelings about this subject begin to fade out.How do we deal with this problem?Some tell us to ignore our reflection all together.Some tell us to envision the desired image of ourselves when we look into the mirror.Some say this, some say that. Hmmm... What are we to do???I'm sorry to disappoint you & I'm sorry to sound repetitive but the answer is always the same. Self love + Belief = results.The problem isn't what we see in the mirror, the problem is lack of belief & lack of self love. Not the answer you were looking for? Ya, I know. But once you truly understand the concept, everything will become more clear. Only then will you come to understand why its the ONLY answer to all of our problems.If you go through all the success stories here in this group, all the stories have slight differences, yes, - usually, the main difference is found in the "practacle tool(s) or LOA technique(s)" they chose to use - But if you read them through, you will notice a pattern.Everyone who has had success, gained two things: a stronger belief in their ability to alter appearance & they've all gained more self love/a more positive image of themselves BEFOREHAND. Only AFTER theyve gained these 2 things, did they see results.And once they did see the results, they were sort of caught off guard. Like, they didn't really even NOTICE that the changes were taking place AS the changes were happening. They mostly only noticed once the changes were quite drastic or more obvious. This is normal.Really, go back and read them all - find the pattern that I speak about. And ask yourself, why is this so? And how could they NOT notice???The answers are clear.When we gain a stronger BELIEF - trust me, you all have the belief within you or else you wouldn't be here at all. This group might have grown tremendously but - there are SO many, many people who want to change their image but will NEVER find themselves here or anywhere similar because the BELIF of this possibility hasn't even crossed their minds. No, you are here because a part of you, even a very small part, BELIEVES this is possible.Yet, there's another part of you that DISBELIEVES as well.Which part holds stronger? Your belief or disbelief?When we gain a stronger belief in our ABILITY or in the possibility, to alter our appearance - the reflection does not matter. When your BELIEF in this possibility is strong, you just KNOW that the change will happen eventually, in the near future - so the reflection of your current appearance will not affect your belief.Let me use an example to help illustrate:If a person KNOWS that they have a substantial amount of money coming in, in the beginning of the next month - yet they lose their job this week - will it matter??? How badly would their loss of job affect them? Even if money will be tight for the next couple of weeks, maybe they can only afford to eat ramen noodles or baked potatoes for dinner - will they feel worried about their future? Will they panic over not being able to pay their rent or mortgage? Their car insurance? Etc...No, because their check is in the mail. They know everything will be fine. They'll probably look at it as an opportunity to start fresh. Everything is fine. Their current situation might not be ideal but not much to fuss about. Oh well, better things on the horizon. No worries.Your "belief" is the check in the mail. The stronger you believe it, the faster it will come. Even if it's not here right now, you KNOW it's coming so there is nothing to fuss about. No worries, no big deal.But what happens to the person who loses their job but doesn't feel like they have money on the way? What happens to the person who feels like their only source of income was just taken away from them? Panic! Stress! Fear!Every bill that's due will be noticed & the bills will feel like they're piling up quickly. Their feelings of "lack of money", will be strongly felt & those feelings will only intensify with every dollar and every cent spent. This person doesn't see happiness upon the horizon, only worries, fear and lack.This lack of money feeling, is similar our lack of belief on this subject.When we lack belief, we will notice everything in our physical appearance that HASN'T changed and it will increase our feelings of doubt. When we lack belief we become almost obsessed with the mirror, always checking to see if anything has changed or always noticing our flaws. And we think to ourselves, once we see the change THEN we will believe more stronglt.....only it doesn't work that way. We have to believe first. Seeing isn't believing - believing is seeing.Our belief has to outweigh our disbelief.When we do believe, we won't care what we see in the mirror. We KNOW a change is coming. (Our check is in the mail) And its almost like we NATURALLY begin to LIKE what we currently see in the mirror even more - yet we begin to IGNORE our current image at the same time.Hense, we don't really notice the changes AS they are changing.So the question is - HOW do we strengthen our belief?Like I said before, the belief is already within you but so is the disbelief. The disbelief is strengthened with every doubt we think of. And when we lack self love, we feel doubtful about most EVERYTHING. No matter how positively we are thinking or feeling for a time, our doubt's catch up to us. See how that works???We need to build self love. When you love yourself completely, its easy to believe that all things are possible for you. The doubt's will naturally decrease.Read the success stories, you will find this to be true for all of them. As they gained a better self image/more self love, their beliefs grew stronger as well - THEN the results appeared. Self Love and Belief work hand in hand. You will not see results without BOTH these things.For example -A person could have physical flaws, flaws they would change if they could. Yet they could have strong feelings of self love & self worth, they could feel very cconfidentiality flaws and all.Well if this person loves themselves so much, why hasn't this person made any physical changes? Shouldn't they look flawless?? Not really & its Because they lack belief. The idea hasn't even crossed their minds. One cannot create something they do not believe is even possible.And then some of you here in this group, you probably "believe" just fine. You "KNOW" there has to be a way...after all, if people can manifest ANYTHING, why not physical changes too? This reality is nothing more than energy, is it not??? If it's all energy & all things are possible, then why couldn't we alter our appearance if we want? Even if you feel doubtful at times - your belief in this possibility is quite strong. So why hasn't it happened?A poor self image, a poor sense of self, lack of self love - this is the problem. There is not one person here who- has strong feelings of self love AND holds a strong belief in the possibility to alter appearances - who HASN'T had success doing so.Something else you will notice with all the success stories, especially the ones who have made drastic changes, is - you will notice that their APPEARANCE isn't the only thing that changed for them.Their whole lives became better, happier, more positive.It's basically impossible for everything NOT to change for you once you've managed to change your appearance. Why is this so???Because its one of the most difficult things to manifest since its seems like one of the most impossible. It goes against the general beliefs of The Collective Consciousness about what is and isn't possible in this reality.The two main things that people try to manifest with the law of attraction is - wealth and a relationship. And people STRUGGLE to manifest these things, even though they KNOW it's possible. The evidence is all around us everyday. We see other people manifesting these things all the time.But changing our physical appearance PERMANENTLY without surgery? Even the majority of people within the LOA community say this isn't possible - far fetched at best. They'll tell you to manifest a good surgeon, a great hair stylist and to adopt a healthier lifestyle....The fact that you are here, that you even have this belief inside of you - even IF your belief isn't very strong right now - it speaks volumes about you. The world truly is your oyster. You are a rare bird indeed. It's not something to feel shamed or silly about, its remarkable that you even have the ability to believe in such a notion. You are remarkable.What I'm saying is, you have the strength and ability within you to fight against The Collective Consciousness & what the collective consciousness has tried to teach you to believe in - that our physical bodies cannot change via our will.All things are possible. You either believe it or you don't.If you don't believe it well....why bother?Honestly though, once you've changed your appearance you will see that it isn't as "big" of a deal as you once believed it to be. Your happiness won't come from creating your ideal image of yourself. You likely won't jump and down in excitement like a child who's on their way to Disney World over it.It'll be, just another really cool thing that happened when you didn't even realize. You'll probably feel more excited on your wedding day or something, seriously.The small changes will feel more noticeable & more exciting than the "bigger" ones. If anyone reading this post can attest to this, please do so in the comments!!!I know this is probably not the response you were all hoping for lol but I hope it helped in some way, offered you more insight at least.

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  • Very nice Johanna. Totally agree. 

  • But, Johanna, when my changes are further along the way, I will Jump up and down- several times and randomly. I do get really excited about stuff! You should have seen me getting pumped about finding some of my childhood cartoons on DVD. It was hilarious! Hehehe. Please don't make me be serious, now; thanks for the post! :D Weeeeeeee!

  • A blueprint?!!! Perfect! Thanks Johanna!

  • This is 100% true. Honestly it completely is. Over the last week I have begun to apply this and already have results but they don't seem so important anymore. I feel more like "Oh hey that changed the way I wanted it too. Awesome!" But it’s not like "Now my life is ten times better because my eyes are hazel instead of brown" It was just a fun thing to accomplish and Its fun to get compliments on my eyes now. But that’s not even the biggest part anymore. Doing this whole thing has made me enjoy myself more. As I became more self-loving, I started noticing bigger and better changes, like I opened the door to my creativity and I can just pull out my guitar now and think of a million songs I could write; I have better relationships with my boyfriend and my best friends; my parents are willing to buy me the exact car I wanted; My body feels more enjoyable; I just have a happier demeanor even though I struggle with a lot of anxiety, which has begun to subside these last few days and I feel more relaxed. I am so grateful you shared this method with all of us because we all need to hear this, it’s the missing link for a lot of people and it’s completely fool proof. THIS is how you manifest. It works so well and it starts to put things into perspective. 

  • Ive put what you said into practice recently. Amazing changes, and undeniable results (such as new foot size). If i get obsessed with the fact I changed i revert back to my old 'perspective'. now working on maintaining my new perspective and sense of self, not getting too carried away with changes.. IT REALLY IS SELF LOVE AND SELF BELIEF. and just working with each moment... 'how do i want to feel RIGHT NOW?' 'what do i want to do RIGHT NOW?' not worried about seeing results or all that other stuff. just 'how do i want to feel'. and usually i just want to feel like i am my ultimate self.

  • Very good thank you
  • It definitely has offered great insight Johanna. And I love the mail example, its made me more aware of the things I was doing wrong. Thank you so much for this ! :)
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