How To Do Cell Talking?

Please forgive me if there's already a thread that explains how to do it, buuuuut here goes. :) How do you talk to your cells? What do you say, specifically? Do you do anything physically while talking? How long do you have to do this for? Does it work for ANY physical changes, like eye color?

Thank you.

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  • Read this interesting article google it guys, massage today john upledger ,cell talk.  :))))

  • @Precious Ruby. You can do many things at a time, your cells are highly intelligent and responsive. 

    What I do is relax on my bed, close my eyes, breathe for a couple of minutes to calm my conciousness/mind down and start visualizing the changes while talking to my cells silently. I don't check for results because they are inevitable so I wouldn't want to slow them down. The less you care or worry about the results the faster you will notice them.

  • Thank you! I also read here that if you see your reflection in the mirror, to just pretend to see the changes instead of what you really see in there can help you actually change the way you look after a while. Is that true?

    • It's all about accepting yourself at this very moment, and then focusing on your desired change. So there's nothing wrong with observing yourself in the mirror as you are right now as long as you don't feel bad that the desired change hasn't manifested yet. 

      However it would definitely be more exciting to believe that it's already done and would probably speed things up as you stop having doubts.

    • If I want to get rid of stretch marks completely.

      Can I say "I want you to make my skin smooth and toned" ?

    • Absolutely. Choose the words that make you FEEL IT, there's nothing wrong with saying "Cells, I want you to fade my stretch marks completely" or touching a soft area and saying "Cells I want you to make my stretch marks change to this".

      Don't feel overpowered by your stretch marks, they are conscious cells under your control, and in those are trillions of atoms in each of your cells which never stop vibrating. So they are actually not solid or still. But that is how we perceive them. They are forever responding to your beliefs.

      I would suggest you choose your own Cell talking sentence and change your belief in the rest of the day from "I have bad stretch marks" to "my intelligent skin is always regenerating, and it's beautiful now".

      You are free to do or change ANYTHING you want. Don't feel powerless!

    • How often should I spend Cell talking ?

      and How long to get a result?

    • Hey Hilton,

      I'm also new to this, just started and I'm seeing some small changes daily. Like Zepguy said, once every 2hours or so is enough and when you wake up n before you go to bed. Just don't be obsessive with it cos it kinda shows some doubt. Have fun with it:) Now when it comes to how long it takes, I thinks its more of appreciating and having faith and maybe your body type. I've read so many people's comments and there was no set time, some had change in a couple hours, a few days etc. It varies, but most people saw some significant change in about a week.

      All the best and believe its possible:)

      PS: I've attached a file about one of the guys who used it and it worked. Hope its of some help to you.


    • OMG Precious Ruby, that document really helps me. :D I'm going to do this by finally getting rid of my dark eye circles. I just want them gone and I want to look healthy and rested, not look like a tired zombie lol!

      I'll post results when they're here... I'll start the cell talking tomorrow.

    • I'm glad it did. I was very excited when I read it too. I read it a couple times to make sure I got it correctly. Lol my only thing was I wasn't sure if I could do at least three separate things at a time. I'm still figuring it out!

      My most exciting part about David's process was u just have to say it n relax. Cos I'm working on gettin better at actively visualizing stuff. I get feelings better than visualizing.

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