This is all what I've learned as a result of listening to Abraham Hicks (YouTube) and finding my own positive wavelength.

To strive for something is such a foolish action.
The objects you desire to have, do not respond the call of desperation, or unhappiness.
Rather, it is when you are happy that they come.
Simply put,
 objects are a SYMPTOM of happiness, not the cause of it.

Whatever you need to be happy (that job, that car, that relationship, that physical change), you don't actually need it to be happy. Although you certainly can have whatever you want.

So here's the deal: you need to be "on a cloud" before you can get what you want. How do you do this? Basically, in your current situation, you need to conjure the feeling of being blessed in your life, and feeling like your life is wonderful, and you are just the happiest person in the world.

When you are in an unhappy situation, for example an unpleasant job, it is not your work to look at what you don't like, and try to pretend "I like this trash, I like this trash." You do not need to struggle to find appreciation for what you do not want. [similarly, if you don't believe something, have resistance to the manifestation, it may not be the best thing to struggle with it.]
What you do instead is find things that you already like, and use them as a ticket to the "happiness cloud".

And then, once you float high enough on your positive wave, you can look down below you at all the things that once made you unhappy, and they will not have the power to upset you. You can look upon them and still be so (excuse me) fucking happy.
You do not feel the need to cling to anything either.

From a plane in the clouds, even the most run down and impoverished city can look beautiful...perhaps this is because you can see the full picture from up there..nature in all it's beauty. When you look down, all the problems will be small and all you will see is beauty.

So you do not need to change the way you feel about a negative thing. You just need to look at other subjects, and find one that makes you feel really amazing without having to try. Once you are on your cloud, you can then think about the negative thing, and you will feel okay about it! You can bless it, send it your love, and then send it away and let it go. No more desperation. :)

Whenever you feel the resistance creep into the back of your mind, that anxious desire...kiss it, give it your blessings and your honest love, and toss it away into the wind; let it go on it's way.

And then say, "It's fine; everything is fine and perfect. God has blessed me with so many good things in my life. I am the happiest person in the world. My life is so good." < My only positive affirmation.

This is the way to let go of resistance and become compatible with any manifestation you want to bring into your life.

Don't approach the situation thinking you will fight with the thought, and try to take it and turn it into something good. Instead, Just find an excuse, ANY excuse, to get really fucking happy.

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  • whats ur age ella?
  • I want to get 7" taller. I am currently 5 ft 3" and i want to be 5 ft 10". How do i manifest it? How can i have the LOA working in my favor. Please help !!!

  • well, all I can tell you is what I would do if I was in your situation.

    I would gradually shift my attention. I would focus on topics that made me happy, or captivated my mind.

    I would spend more time looking at positive quotes on tumblr ( is where I post my positive quotes....there are lots of blogs like this one tho).

    personally, playing brain teaser games or trying to solve riddles keeps my mind occupied hours after I'm done playing.

    I would try to find something that seemed more important than my desires. instead of affirming "I am tall...I am tall..." I used a different approach and started saying "I believe in the LOA. LOA works fast and easily for me." I tried to strengthen my belief in the principles...and I tried to feel peaceful. That stopped me from focusing on the other thing. It works, because...technically you still are trying to manifest your you don't feel like you're going crazy not thinking about IT...but you're no so obsessed with it that it brings you down.

    You know I actually use to think the same way as you....I couldn't stop focusing on my desire and trying so hard to manifest it...even when I came to understand that my negative attention towards the subject was the reason I wasn't manifesting it. I got out of it by shifting my focus, using the above methods.

    and the last tip, the really big guns: the biggest thing that will change your vibration in my opinion is doing something nice for other people. that immediately lifts me up every time I'm able to positively affect a person's life. so maybe I'd volunteer. that would take my mind off of my desires.

    like, brain games and positive quotes lift my aurora by like a 2....helping something by like a 50 ! I actually wrote this right after I thought of someone, and I just felt intense appreciation for I love them a lot, and that's put me on a positive path and I haven't gotten off it yet.

    I would also try to limit my exposure to things that make me feel grimy and lowly.

    • what did u manifest / how many days?

    • I've grown 3 inches so far

  • very nice...u jst told us the simplest way to manifest....God bless !!!

  • this is an amazing post, i truly get what you are trying to say.

    my only problem is that i feel like nothing is more important to me than those 2 big desires (one if them beign physical change the other one is kind of dependent on achieving that first). so i can barely think about anything else and i don´t see the point in "wasting my time" focussing on other things when i really just care about this. i get so anxious not focussing on it and everyone is constantly looking at me for results (not regarding physical change but the other thing that is ependent on it) any advice ?

  • Thank you for posting that!
  • awesome post!
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