How to grow taller?

Hello everyone im 15 and 5 foot 2 or 3 i want to grow taller to be 6 foot i know its big goal but i believe everything is possible and im a quite optimistic person already i tried loa and wrote on paper i want to be 6 foot tall imagine my height taller (visualise) but i have not grown i think why iam not growing is because 6 foot is too tall for me to believe and lie to myself and one guy has told me to take small steps for height growth so i am now going to believe i am 5 foot 6 but anyone who has grown taller plss help me how can i grow taller im atleast trying to grow another 5 more inches and i fully believe in LOA

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  • yh i reached that state 

  • I want to grow taller as well, except that I'm 25, not 15 lol

  • Sounds very profound. I think that is what to "believe" is and it's really tricky.
  • True*****

  • This is the key guys, when you truly believe that you have or gonna have, so you will have. Took to me many years to understand it too.

  • thanks like it says in the bible ask 

     And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believe, you shall receive it – Matthew 21:22. 

    its all about the subconscious

  • You're pretty young your growth plates didn't fuse yet so you can do some workouts and follow a diet to increase your growth hormone there's a blog called "grow taller with shin lenghening " this boy dennis raney claimed he grown 7 inchs after age 26 by his programme i believe in him because his book is pretty cheap (6$) and he offer a lot of free informations in his blog so i think his not a scam that wants money but really geniune guy .you can try hypnosis and visualisation alongside the exercices and diet . Please check him out you still have a chance.
  • Hiya,

    First of all, know that your desire is really good because this is what will eventually lead to you understand your divine nature. 

    Secondly, there is only one way to manifest anything in life: that is, to reach the "state" of the wish fulfilled. period. 

    now, what does this "state" mean? What does "the state of wish fulfilled" mean?

    this is super tricky and has taken me god knows how many years to finally get it. In fact, I got this understanding just a few days ago, since I too am trying to grow taller.

    The "state" means— or in other words, once you have actually achieved the state, you will feel

    immediately stop desiring that which you want. Your thirst/ hunger for your desire immediately disappears.

    You no longer wants your desire (because you already feel that you have it).

    In your case, it will mean reaching a state when you suddenly feel that you don't need your 6 foot height anymore, because you already are. 

    Therefore, why do so many people (me included) fail in LOA? Because ask yourself, have you ever reached a stage when you truly feel that you do not want your desire (not because of giving up hope, but because you genuinely have it?)

    Most people never achieve this state, that's why they fail at LOA.

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