How to keep your faith despite the reality?


I just wondered how you guys keep your faith even when you face the reality.

For instance, you want to lose 40 lbs and have a perfect body you want, but every time you look in the

mirror you find yourself without any changes. Same with pictures and when you try on smaller size

dresses.. what would you do? I've seen different opinions about this, but I don't know which method to

follow. Someone said to ignore it and think of it as an illusion, and another said that I would have to

accept the way I am and believe that it will change.

Right now I don't think I can accept big changes, so I'm working on small things such as my eyelashes

and skin, but I can't really say that I'm seeing a progress. I'm not saying that I doubt LOA, I actually do

believe it, but it does bother me whenever I look in the mirror and see no changes. I tried to get rid of my

negative thoughts either by letting them just stay on my mind or focusing on what I DO want, but it is

really hard.

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  • Eternity, thank you so much! Your answer is amazing!

    Can I ask what other physical changes you manifested?

  • Think of the Universe as a really trustworthy friend who never lets you down. You want this friend to create something for you, and as they're working on it, you keep calling them up and asking: are you done yet? Are you done yet? And they have to stop what they're doing every time you call to pick up the phone. So if you call them too often, most of their time is spent on the phone instead of creating this thing for you. You know this friend is trustworthy, so there's no need to call them everyday (i.e. check the mirror constantly or weigh yourself constantly). You just go about your day knowing that what you want is going to happen or come to you because this friend is so reliable..........ETERNITY tganku so much for this explaination,it really helped a lot
    thanku again
    • You're very welcome :)

    • ETERNITY..... at times we unknowingly become a blessing in somebdies life
      your knowledge about loa and sharing this particular peice of knowledge ,way of explaination has changed my life
      manifested a call after a long time in no time
      and will be doing more

      cant thank u enuf for these lines,way of expaination
      u have been a blessing in my life with just these words
      thanku again.....:)))))
  • ENERGYZONE.... in mirror technique ,do we do it many times or just once is fine ?
  • I'm getting some results right now. My bone structure on my face looks different and my eyebrows look better or arched, even though I didn't get them done. Haven't for a while. But not sure if its an illusion my mind is making but who cares? It makes me fee good. Try EFT.

    Also with the mirror , don't look constantly but when you do look in the mirror or catch glance, just say 'Gosh, my body looks so perfect. Thank you thank you universe' and try to add a fraction of feelings in there.

    And, just stay positive no matter what. :) And try EFT.
  • Thank you, Eternity! I feel much better now.

    I did think about my goals constantly lol And those were negative most of the time... And It's weird how it doesn't make me happy even when I think of them, I think I am actually not believing that LOA can help me change my physical appearance as I want it to be. It makes me nervous and impatient, so I tried growing my eyelashes in order to prove that LOA exists! Would that be reason why I didn't see any progress? Haha... I will take your advice to think of the Universe as my friend :) and I agree that I need to let go first...



    • You're welcome! I'm glad you feel better Esol.

      Yes, you were too focused on your disbelief toward your goals manifesting, otherwise you wouldn't have felt a need to prove that the LOA exists! Plenty of people do little LOA experiments to build some faith, but I think it helps to experiment with at least some positivity next to your uncertainty. For example, I'd read a story about a woman manifesting a check in the mail despite not believing that she could. But the one thing I did notice in her story is that she said she maintained positive thinking and gratitude throughout the day. So it's okay if your belief isn't very strong yet, just as long as you aren't completely negative and attached when you are doing those experiments. For a start, try something small. It doesn't even have to be physical. It could be finding a coin on the ground or a feather. :)

      So just take a deep breath in and breathe out. Let it all go. Watch the tornado of thoughts and emotions leave your mind. Trust me, things are a lot easier this way. I completely understand you though. When I first started to practice the LOA, my mind was all over the place. Over time, it's definitely become more tame and calm. :) Just know that in time you will adjust perfectly.

      One more thing: remember when you were a child for example, and you just imagined things you wanted or wanted to do, without worrying about how you'd do it or how long it would ever take? Apply that way of thinking here.

      I'll leave you with a little saying I have: 

      It's okay if you don't believe.

      "Maybe" can turn into "I think", I think can turn into "I hope", and I hope can turn into "I know".

    • Oh wow, this helped me a lot to clear my mind! Thank you, Eternity.

      As you suggested, I will experiment with small things first and keep positive thoughts! :)

      Your saying is encouraging me a lot!!!

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