How to keep your faith despite the reality?


I just wondered how you guys keep your faith even when you face the reality.

For instance, you want to lose 40 lbs and have a perfect body you want, but every time you look in the

mirror you find yourself without any changes. Same with pictures and when you try on smaller size

dresses.. what would you do? I've seen different opinions about this, but I don't know which method to

follow. Someone said to ignore it and think of it as an illusion, and another said that I would have to

accept the way I am and believe that it will change.

Right now I don't think I can accept big changes, so I'm working on small things such as my eyelashes

and skin, but I can't really say that I'm seeing a progress. I'm not saying that I doubt LOA, I actually do

believe it, but it does bother me whenever I look in the mirror and see no changes. I tried to get rid of my

negative thoughts either by letting them just stay on my mind or focusing on what I DO want, but it is

really hard.

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  • You're welcome, I'm glad you like my answer!

    Yes, hmm, I don't know if this counts as a physical change, but it's more of a bodily healing. I used to get upset and frustrated with my gums because they weren't healing quickly enough (i.e. being too attached to the goal). I was even in tears over this because I was tired of seeing my gums with an infection. These kind of behaviors just reinforced the reality that my gums were in bad shape. One day, I stopped crying and decided to say a bunch of positive affirmations about them. After 2 days, some smaller areas of my gums began to heal. Then I'd gotten lazy and stopped saying my affirmations, yet my gums kept improving slowly. After awhile, I picked up my affirmations again, and an area of my gum that had been swelled for probably a year or so was beginning to heal. I was so excited because that was one of the things that bothered me so much before. :) I didn't have any success until I stopped getting so upset and frustrated, and affirmed what I wanted instead.

    I had a similar experience with my teeth as well. Despite my gums beginning to regain health, my teeth were getting worse for some reason. It was then I realized that just as my healthy gum affirmations were healing my gums even after I'd stopped saying them, my old negative, pessimistic affirmations about my teeth were still affecting them even after I'd taken that negative attention off of them. At this time, I hadn't been saying any affirmations about my teeth because I'd been focused on my gums. So why were my teeth getting progressively worse despite the fact that I stopped speaking so negatively of them? Well in my opinion, when you "install" a belief using affirmations and such, it'll play in your mind over and over on loop until you change it, affecting your health or your life (either in good ways or bad ways).

    Anyway, after figuring this out, I knew I had to start saying positive teeth affirmations ASAP. One of the teeth that were getting worse was a lower molar with a cavity. It usually only hurt when I'd eaten sweet food, but it began to hurt after eating any food. I knew something was very wrong! So I said a ton of healthy teeth affirmations; at home, in the car, in the store. After a day, the tooth stopped hurting and I could eat savory food no problem. :) For a recent update, the tooth is also reacting better to sweet food. Rather than the sharp, deep pain I used to have, it's pretty dull and tolerable.

    I honestly feel bad for being so harsh to my teeth and gums and probably making them worse in the process. But hopefully other people can learn from my mistakes!

    Another physical change I've made is weight loss, but I don't want this post to be a novel lol.

    • Hi eternity. I've read a couple of your replies and I find them really motivating. I desire to change the colour of my skin. I've tried taking oral pills that promise skin whitening, paid hundreds every month on skin lightening products, and still am. However, after coming across this website, I feel that LOA will help me. Could you advice me on how I can go about manifesting my desired skin colour? Do I have to say daily affirmations? And if yes, what could they possible be? Sometimes I get really impatient and I think that is my problem. I have shed tears over the issue for years now.. The thing is I want to change my skin colour, so it isn't so much about not staring into the mirror because seeing my body alone reminds me that I ain got what I wanted or asked for. Please do help me out if you can. By the way what exactly is EFT and how could I use it to my advantage, to manifest what I want?

      Thank you=)

    • Hi Laj, you should read this!

      Best of luck :) 

    • can u post some of your affirmations ?
    • Sure, Reikipowee. For my gums I'd say these very often: I have firm, pink, healthy gums; my gums are in perfect health; my gums are in great shape; my gums are absolutely amazing; my gums healed so quickly (I used a past tense affirmation so I could remain in the reality of my gums being healed already). These affirmations usually make me smile, so that's a good sign.

      As for my teeth, I'd say things like: My teeth are whole, strong and healthy; I have strong tooth enamel; my teeth are in perfect shape; I eat sweet foods with complete ease; I drink hot and cold beverages with ease, etcetc. I'd usually just switch it up and tried to use as many positive words as possible. :) 

    • thanku again
      u r really helpfull and a sweet person
    • You're welcome~ Thank you for the kind compliment. :)))

    • This is so cool! Glad it got better! :D

      Could you write about your weight loss if you have time, like what method you used and stuff? I'm very interested in that, thank you! :)

    • Of course, Mikaela. Losing weight has always been a struggle for me, even after discovering the LOA, but I had success when I stopped struggling! My goal was to lose weight through intention, meaning to use mostly mind power instead of going on a diet or exercising like crazy. I was only able to do this about 3 times successfully because in order to lose weight with this technique, it's best to be calm and easy going. In fact, most things are manifested when you're at ease and have faith. Anyway, due to my prior thinking habits, I was only able to maintain this calm, positive attitude for a short time. Sooner or later, my old way of thinking would return and I'd slip back into my habit of worrying and I'd gain weight. :( Recently though, I'm getting the hang of being at ease and positive toward my food and weight. I know it's working too! Because I went on a vacation a couple of days ago, ate a ton of food and lost 1 pound lol. 1 lb isn't a lot I know, but the "old me" would have thought she'd gain weight after eating all of that food, not lose it!

      First thing's first. Acknowledge the mind and body connection. If stress (frustration, anger, etc) that starts in the mind can weaken and sicken the body, what can positive thought and intention do? The body is an intelligent, resilient machine. I know we've been conditioned to believe certain things about weight loss, calories and so on, but in order to lose weight through intention, you have to let go of these beliefs. I mean, there are people who eat so called "bad food" and maintain perfect health, whether or not they know of the LOA. This is possible because society's rules don't apply to everyone. This is probably the most difficult part about it; letting go of the things you've been taught to believe for years and years about food and weight. This is also why I kept succeeding and failing. I'd have good faith then I'd start to worry again.

      Here's a quick example of mine of how thoughts can affect the body. I used to have high blood pressure levels when I was negative about food and weight loss. When I changed my way of thinking and took on that positive attitude, my blood pressure lowered and it's perfect now. In being so pessimistic about my food, I was actually blocking out my body's ability to maintain good blood pressure. If that's the case, I only wonder: could negative thinking harm a body's ability to metabolize food properly and lose weight even?

      Secondly, I set a 10 pound loss goal because that seemed realistic to me. Realistic to someone else could be 20, 30 pounds all at once (and that's fine), but I feel better doing this in steps. When I eat, I focus on enjoying the flavors of the food rather than thinking that the food could harm me or cause weight gain. Sometimes I'll even visualize my body as I'd like it to be when or after I eat. Also, I only weigh myself once a week, opposed to my old habit of doing it everyday. Weighing myself too often, for me, was a fear-based behavior hence why I stopped. I decided to have trust in my body and the Universe instead. It's that simply really... don't indulge in pessimistic, fear-based weight thoughts. Instead, indulge in yummy food, enjoy yourself and be at ease. Know that you will achieve your goal and maintain great bodily health regardless of what you consume.

      They say that it's not the food that makes you gain weight, it's the thoughts that do. According to my experience that seems pretty relevant to me!

      I told you it'd be a novel. :DD

    • Very good Eternity , i liked your posts here :)

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