How to look like a celebrity, has anyone tried it?

Has anyone tried looking like a celebrity? Has anyone had succes with this? And how should you do this? I'm thinking that you should like at photos of this specific person? Should you also say : I look like ...? Thanks everyone!

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  • I used Natalie's formula. I think she meant think from the new state not about it all day. You are a new person and the old you ceases to exist. It Works! It's already done therefore you are not waiting which creates it's not here.


    • Yes, I do the same. I lost my hair, when i was young, but i am healthy. Doctors can not do anything. The ilness called alopecia and it is probably autoimmune disease. I try to feel like i have head full of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, when i am alone, walk down the street or among people and i can see small fine hair on the left side of head at the one area  :). I love my body and bodies other people too :D hehe, i like talking with people without embarassment.

      Thanks to all at this site and the site itself and beautiful articles :). And yes, i need to improve my english and this is one of the ways how to do it :D

    • Are you from Slovakia I guess? :)

  • what was Natalie's technique if you don't mind telling me :) 

  • Aah that's wonderful Mishel, I'm just starting as well but it's so hard to pretend you look like someone else! Yes I know Natalie's technique but I think it's a little exhausting to keep thinking about it every minute of every day! Good luck to you! If anyone else has some tips, I would be glad to hear them :)

    • Thank you and I think its not so exhausting. I enjoy it. Visit stevepavlina forum, there are many successful stories and advaces about physical changes. By the way, Im so curious what specific person you want look like, lol.

  • I want to look like Selena Gomez. I use technique like Natalie did. I live my life with everything I want. It's pretty diffucult to pretend all day, you already have what you want, but sometimes it's easy. When I know it is here, i love my body and don't need anything more because I'm confident it is here right now and still. Just let go and don't rush. I'm just getting started so I'm excited when it will be solidly real. 

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