How to Love What You Want to Change

I know loving something you want to change is hard, but it's imperative you do so in order for that thing to change! So I came up with some examples that might help others!

I suggest reading through all of it, not only the one that applies to you because you might find something that helps you!


A few people want perfect vision, now lemme tell you, I am blind as a bat. And I love it. Why? I love that I get to choose to either show off my beautiful eyes or wear cute glasses that always make me look good (or sexy when I wanna be)! I love that I have some of the funniest stories from when I wasn't wearing either contacts or glasses! I love that I always have something to joke about with my friends (they say things like "Did you remember to put your eyes in?" Meaning my contacts lol). I love that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of glasses styles that I can buy! 


I'm only 5'2 and what I love about it is that my bf can pick me up easy and I can sit on his lap without being too much higher than him. I love that because I'm shorter, my feet are small and I can find my size easily. I love being able to wear skirts at my waist because they would be too long if I wore them at my hips, and it makes my waist look super small! I love that my hands are small because although it makes playing guitar harder, I can fit my hands into car or truck engines easier than most men can! I love feeling so cute because I'm so small!

Eye Color:

My eyes were dark brown, now a light brown/hazel. If it weren't for my dark brown eyes I would've never found this website! And for that I am very thankful for being given brown eyes. I love that even though brown wasn't my favorite color, it opened my eyes up (lol pun) to the power of my mind. I love that my eyes themselves are very pretty and always look good when I smile. I love the pattern that my eyes have and how pretty they look in the light.


I love that while I had dark brown hair and wanted red/auburn hair, I found ways to take care of it better! I found ways to love my hair, like doing a coconut oil mask which makes your hair super soft and shiny! I love that I have pretty wavy hair! I love being able to play with my hair when I get nervous because it always gives me something else to focus on and helps distract me. I love having hair that I can just brush and go! I don't have to take hours styling it! I love that my hair grows crazy fast! I love that it looks pretty effortlessly!


I'm a little thicker, but I used to be stick-thin. I never liked that look and always wanted curves. Well, before I gained the weight I wanted, I had lots to love about being skinny! Jeans always looked good and I only wore a size 2! Now I'm an 8-10 (Love it though!). When I was smaller, Knee high socks always fit on my thighs, not so much now lol. I love that I found how to eat anything and maintain what I consider a perfect size! I never had to worry about how shorts looked on me, now it's a bit tougher lol. But although I had lots to love about being super skinny, I love having curves and thicker thighs! I loved being able to wear the same clothes for years because I never grew out of em! Until I chose to of course! 

Breast Size:

Okay where do i begin? I gained two cup sizes and man it took a while because I had lots of resistance and a lot of hatred towards my smaller size. Well, I had a lot to love about my size back then! Shirts and dresses fit. I never thought about the issues with clothing when I was smaller. Since they grew, I have had to give up buying cute dresses because either they won't make it over my boobs or it shows waaaay too much cleavage (I wanted to buy a dress, not lingerie for the bedroom lol). I constantly have to check to make sure I'm not showing too much especially when I wear tank tops or v-necks. Something I never worried about back then! But, regardless of my clothing struggles, I absolutely love my body and boobs now. I love being able to look in the mirror and smile because not only do I love what I see, but I know that I did it! I did this! I made this beautiful body with my mind!


I still struggle with skin issues, I will be honest. I've dealt with eczema, nickel allergies (can't buy a lot of jewelry and belts), Dark spots, acne, burns, and overall sensitive skin! But they have greatly improved. I have been struggling with acne for about 6 years and of course it was through some of the hardest years, the teenage years. I felt insecure and wanted to hide. Well because of my skin issue, I discovered makeup. I have ALWAYS been a tomboy. I was never girly. I would play tackle football with the boys, I skateboard, wear mens t shirts (try finding a good women's band shirt), watch sports, listen to rock and metal, play electric guitar, work on cars/trucks/motorcycles, and play video games. And because of my bad skin when I was younger, I discovered a love for makeup. I did the makeup for a few costumes in the school musical, did my friends' prom makeup, and now I'm even considering a career as a makeup artist. All because I needed to buy concealer one day. I have my skin to thank for a possible career! I found that even on days when my skin doesn't look its best, it still does it's job, which is another reason to love it. Without skin, we would have no defense against the elements and all the germs! I love that although I burn REALLY easy, It just means I learned to take super good care of it (lots of sunscreen and lotion, which means super soft skin!) and I always have beautiful light skin. I love my freckles on my face and the few on my shoulders and arms! I love how soft it is! I love that I have a sense of touch (some people are born with a disorder that causes them not to be able to feel anything on their skin). I love that I have stretch marks because they are permanent white lightning tattoos! And I love tattoos! 

My manifestations since that breakthrough of bodily love have been super fast as a result. I can look in the mirror and think "Damn girl no wonder you get stared at all the time!" And then go "hmm, getting a bit of bloating I see, no problem!" And then set the intention of being bloat free. By the next morning, no matter how much, or what I eat (Pizza here I come) I will not bloat at all! And the clothes I found (you know, the rare ones that actually fit on my boobs and thighs lmao) will look lovely on me! 

So keep your heads up everyone! And love yourself! You are beautiful no matter what!

I encourage you to try this in the comment section! Write about what you love about what you're trying to change! I bet I can help you find reasons if you can't! :D

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  • welcome! :) Thank you!!

  • For each it was different due to resistance I had. Some were overnight transformations, some took almost a year

  • Exactly! Lol that's the LOA for you! Think about something and you'll get it! 

  • I do visualize when it feels right. I don't make a routine out of it. I keep it fun and simple. Some days I visualize some days I don't. I find that sometimes just intending it keeps my resistance down. But it all depends on YOU. LOA isn't some "one size fits all" You have to find the technique that works for you

  • Lol sorry I meant Sacred
  • Same question as Scared. And I basically want the complete opposite lol I want to be stick skinny again for all the reasons you mentioned above.
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