I changed the shape of my nose

I'm really glad to say that I managed to change the shape of my nose

It had a small bump that made it look kind of "hawky"I guess you can say. I didn't like it and couldn't even look at myself by profile without feeling bad. Even though I knew about the law of attraction by then, I wasn't 100% sure that it would work. I remember asking multiple times for the universe for my nose to change, but since the first time that I asked it took some time till I would see real changes. Probably because I wasnt beliving it 100% and  because i would also keep looking at myself from profile and feeling bad about it (I would take a mirror to see my reflection in another mirror). Then I remember asking with a lot of compassion to the universe to be able to have a nose that I would be comfortable with, and imagined myself looking at my profile in the mirror of my bathroom and feeling in ecstasy cause I would feet so good and comfortable with my nose. I did that a couple of times, and stop looking at my profile. A couple of months later, I look at my nose from profile again, and I guess it was better, but i would still feel kind of bad. 

So I started to look at it everyday, but trying to feel comfortable about it. I had my ups and downs trying to do that, but after a while I started to get used to it. After starting feeling comfortable about it, I stopped looking at it for a while and tried to feel good about my nose.Then, a couple of months later I look at it again..and it was really better, i was actually enjoying looking at myself from that angle. I remember going to the same bathroom that I made my visualization that I have told you guys and feeling so fucking good that it had worked.

I now remember that before that, the time I started to like my face more (front) I did the same thing unconciously: look at myself and try to like me, and then I started to become better looking (for real, not just my imagination)

I swear that the change really did happened. I think the bump itself didn't just disappear, but the shape of the nose as a hole changed a lot, probably cause other parts of my nose change, in a way that you can hardly see the bump.

I'm not making that up (like trying to "convince myself"or "acting as if" by posting a story here). I dont have pictures to prove cause first of all, when I was feeling bad about myself and didnt even know if I was going to be able to change my nose, the last thing on my mind was to take a picture of it; second of all, I wouldnt be comfortable about it, cause i dont want to expose myself.

Also, its not like I just managed to feel comfortable about it without the nose even changing

(When I would look myself from profile, as I said, I would use 2 mirrors, and in the small mirror I would see my reflection on the bigger mirror; but if i looked at the bigger mirror, I would only see the reflection of my nose in the small mirror, and that would made me feel even worst. But looking in the small mirror nowadays, in which I can see only the nose, I can realize that it shape has REALLY changed and is almost perfect)

Honestly, I'm not even sure how I managed to do that, I almost cant belive that it was really just me with the help from the universe that did that but I think is the only answer right?

Oh, I would also kind of pinch my nose but I dont think that was THE reason for the change...you guys are free to try though haha

Even though I can't figure out what exactly are the steps to change physical appearence I hope that the story can help and motivate you guys. Feel free to ask questions or to give advice (since I, myself,want to get better at it to)

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  • Thanks!

    I didnt wish for any part of my face to look better, but since i got better looking probably something must have changed (like cheekbones, eyebrows and the simetry of the face as a hole) but i didnt wish for any of this stuff to happend undestand? The simple fact that I started liking myself shaped my face in a way that I would become even more happy about myself and better looking (at least I think that was the reason)

  • Thats cool! They didnt say much, probably cause the change wasnt that drastical like the tipical nose jobs. Like I sad, is not like the bump doesnt exist anymore, it's just that the shape of the nose as a hole is more simetrical. The change is noticiable though.This is not my nose, but the level of  difference was similar to this:


    For me it's already a great change and yes is a amazing feeling

    Good luck with your transformation!

    • Oh, poup, his nose looked much better before :s  Why do people hate having big noses?  They're sensuous and great <3  I love big noses <3  Well, noses of all sizes look good when they're a nice shape, but I just love big noses, heee ^=^

    • Congratulations, that's amazing !

  • ;)

  • wow thank you for posting this ! i´m currently searching for all of these success stories because i have trouble beliveing this could work but wow you are amazing thank you for this motivation ! and of course congrats to your new nose ! my nose is probably the only think i wouldnt wanna change about my face haha but i understand how you feel. must me the most amazing feeling to have actually manifeted that. how´d friends and family react ? like did they think you had surgery ?

  • Wow good for you!! This made me feel hopeful:)
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