This is a long story but read it .So I'm only 20 years old and I'm new to this forum but I would like to share my amazing story.
In middle school I wasn't considered pretty or ugly I was just average and invisible it was back then that I wrote a fictional story of a girl that was like me but better in terms of personality and looks. She had things that at the time I never thought in a million years I would have. In high school things got much worst I was constantly being bullied and called awful stuff like "monster" "animal" even my so called friends would bully me to tears saying stuff like "do you notice that everyone has someone except you that's because no one wants you" or my personal favourite " if I was a guy I would be disgusted if I had to kiss your lips". I know terrible!
When I left high school I was determined to be gorgeous I wrote a detailed list of how I wanted to be and took as an inspiration Adriana Lima and Angelina Jolie and the best part is that I had nothing to loose so I fully engaged in my dream I would visualise being gorgeous and having all people stop and stare to admire my beauty, it was so delusional to believe that it became like a game to me a thing that made me smile and laugh , and at the same time I detached myself from my desire by saying " well even if this doesn't happen I don't care. I've been insulted so much by my looks that I develop this thick skin and great sense of humour and lovely personality" so I carry on with my life.
I moved from Spain to  London to my dream university and I was loving life, a rich friend of mine bought hand made coloured eye contacts but she hate it how it looked on her so she gave it to me surprisingly it looked really natural on me and I always wanted green eyes so I start using it everyday ( my original colour was dark brown) no one suspect it was eye contacts and I kept getting compliments of how exotic I looked and suddenly I realised that one of my dreams came true and I was getting closer to looking like Adriana Lima. Then as time passed by I notice more and more people were treating me super well especially guys. They would offer me free stuff, offer their help, give me major discounts and all those stuff. I was being treated like a princess and I didn't understand why. Once in a party I was saying to a guy how much I hated taking pictures and he looked at me shocked " how come? You are gorgeous do you really think you are ugly?! Every guy I know has a crush on you and talks about how pretty you are". I was so shocked me the ugly friend being seen as a pretty girl? Then I notice more and more guys asking me out. Developing crushes on me and girls complementing of how pretty I even got approached twice on the street by models scouts who wanted to sign me as a model.
The first time i went back to my home town my mom asked me if I had a nose job I thought she was joking but then she looked at me really serious and I looked in the mirror and in fact my nose got much smaller. So here is a list of things that changed
- my skin got tanner
- my teeth are straight now
-like I said even tough it wasn't natural my eyes are green now
-I got really skinny but I still have my curves
-my nose got smaller
- my lips are fuller and have a nicer shape
- my eye lashes got fuller and curly
-I got taller
- my eyebrows have a really nice shape
- my boobs got bigger and rounder
I feel so grateful and blessed my vision came true people stop and stare everywhere I go and I get told I'm pretty on the regular basis so everything is possible.
Just one last thing yesterday while walking on the street I heard someone saying that girls looks like Adriana Lima , so it's official my dream came true
I don't wanna post pictures of myself because honestly I want to become a famous actress and I wouldn't feel comfortable exposing myself that way but other than that ask me anything I would love to help
One last piece of advice I notice loads of people here are focusing on the how , don't just act believe and let it go the universe will find his way you don't need to do that

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  • I have posted about this in another thread, but I know that people can change their appearance. I myself, have changed my appearance. Years ago, I suffered from a terrible depression. It really dragged me down. When I started to feel better, I actually got younger looking. People even commented on it. I have tried various ways to change my appearance over the years. Recently, I have started practicing even more gratitude and appreciation. After all the pills and potions and what all, I have relaxed and started being grateful for my ideal body. For example, "Thank you for my ideal body." And then I am noticing changes. It's like, wish I knew before I spent some of that money. :) Also, I was talking to a friend about focusing on releasing weight, instead of losing it (because the implication of common programming says that lost things must be found). Imagine, people losing weight by allowing excess weight to be released from their body without going to the gym or changing the way they eat! i was perturbed by my nose when I was younger. I like it much more, now. That is not a coincidence. In many cases, we have been uneducated and mis-educated. We are more powerful than we know.
  • Even if that's the case, testimonials like Nina's are very important. Few years ago nobody ever posted things like that. This is a big progress!

  • Not doing anything will guarantee you no results at all, so keep digging. We've seen photographic evidence and nobody believed them so what's the point?

  • I don't want to change my appearance dramatically..I would like to have a body like a playboy model..very sexy, hourglass...etc...But I don't wanna change my features...I do think I'm pretty...but I want to be more I want to be an actress but I want to be the most beautiful actress hahaha How do I go about this?

    Congratulations Nina I didn't mean to hi jack your thread asking questions!! XD

  • Im the same age as you with a similar story! I use to think I was so ugly, but I LOVE myself and the way I look! All thanks to the Law of Attraction! Even in this moment I am looking more and more like a playboy model, even without makeup on my face! Thank the Universe!!! You are SUCH an inspiration!  Congratulations on attaining super natural beauty in SO MANY AREAS! That's pretty huge gurl.

  • Amazing success story!! So inspirational.Thanks so much for sharing! :D 

  • This is the great secret of everything in life : if you think is true is true, if you think is not true you're right!


    Its the only absolute that i found till now.

  • This gives me so much hope.

    You are my inspiration~ <3

  • well, Nina's (the girl who wrote the story) last activity in the changing appearance group was december 7, 2014...whether it's true or not i don't think we will find out as she's not active here anymore...

  • Not to be an ass, 

    But this girls story seems non-legit to me, she creates an account, and then make a story?

    Come on .....

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