I have chocolate brown eyes, but ive always wanted them to have a glint of greyish green so as to have a more earthly look. Ive tried lenses, but somehow they were torn, so i kinda gave up and decided to go with the natural color. 

Then bling! Few months later, I took a random picture of myself close up and i notice the change in my eyes color :D I took the picture in such a way that light was behind me, and no reflections and flash added, and my eyes look totally different! They look like i wanted them to be, warm and earthly with the grayish green glint :) 

I love it! 

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  • thnk u lexi :)

  • Thxx, however i like the lighter brownish more :)

    • So , now you dont need buy colored contact lenses :)


      The best thing also , is , seeing that im can do theses things , its a worderful sensation.

    • actually i was advised not to use contact lenses because i have some problem with my focal length (something the optician said, i dont quite get it). that is why i decided to change my eyes colors :)

  • Wow your eyes were gorgeous before!!
  • I'm guessing 5'1" to 5'2" that's the same height I am :)
    • Thts correct :D 

  • i agree on the loss of resolution cz in the Before pic i used a DSLR and the After one is a phone cam. But ma eyes do look lighter now and im happy about it :)

    • Dont worry Ladylove , even if someone put a perfect pic , peoples will say something or give a excuse , what matters is you , you know that you can now , and you are happy with the results , great :)

    • Thx a lot jota :D Also now im working on reaching the perfect weight for me, which is 50kg, and it's working :D I was 58kg now going on 54kg :D And im not hitting gym, just eating normally and being grateful with each bite :D

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