I have chocolate brown eyes, but ive always wanted them to have a glint of greyish green so as to have a more earthly look. Ive tried lenses, but somehow they were torn, so i kinda gave up and decided to go with the natural color. 

Then bling! Few months later, I took a random picture of myself close up and i notice the change in my eyes color :D I took the picture in such a way that light was behind me, and no reflections and flash added, and my eyes look totally different! They look like i wanted them to be, warm and earthly with the grayish green glint :) 

I love it! 

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    • ladylove, how tall are you? :) 

  • What she is doing Works , i do the same , with exception i only do when i do my visualization , what she is doing is similar what Natalie did .


    Its true peoples , now is time to stop complain and start doing your job :)

  • This kind of posts make LOA sound a complete LIE. Be careful when you post pics. The only change here is the loss of Pic resolution/quality because of the zoom.

  • Thnk you :) 
    All i did was to imagine myself with these eyes color when looking in the mirror, and also when i look at others, i imagine myself looking at them with those eyes :) 

  • Congrats :) I see there's clear difference. And, you have lovely eyes :)

    What's your technique? Can you describe it in more detail? 

  • Hey Drewman, i cant coz of the picture quality. The one before was shot with a DSLR and this one is from my phone :/

    • Drewman, I think that even with this quality you can tell because:

      - the first picture looks like it was taken with flash and with a good camera, but notice how dark the eyes are that even there the pupil is hardly visible. Those are deep brown eyes and even in daylight, you most likely won't be able to tell the difference between the iris and the pupil.

      - however, in the 2nd pic, it's quite clear it was taken without flash or added lighting (correct me if I'm wrong but but I think you'd be able to tell or to spot added light), but notice how the iris is lighter than the pupil. :) With such phone quality deep brown eyes would have looked black.

      So even if it's slight, you can still tell. Now maybe I'm completely wrong, feel free to correct me but that's what I took from the pics. :)

    • Totally right! I was amazed myself when i saw this, i really had to look closer in the mirror and then i was like "yes! I did it" :)

    • Come on , peoples , its clear the difference :)


      You rocks ladylove , more beautiful girls in the world , you know what?, i like that :)

    • hahhahaha thnk you Jota =] You brought a smile to my lips, i havent heard someone calling me "beautiful" since long =]

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