I have chocolate brown eyes, but ive always wanted them to have a glint of greyish green so as to have a more earthly look. Ive tried lenses, but somehow they were torn, so i kinda gave up and decided to go with the natural color. 

Then bling! Few months later, I took a random picture of myself close up and i notice the change in my eyes color :D I took the picture in such a way that light was behind me, and no reflections and flash added, and my eyes look totally different! They look like i wanted them to be, warm and earthly with the grayish green glint :) 

I love it! 

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  • thx a lot :) No i did not meditate, but i do have my quiet moments where i only lie down and listen to music :)

  • ure most welcome :)

  • Can you change the tint or whatever on your after pic so that it looks more similar to the before picture? It's hard for me to tell the difference

  • you're beautiful :) congratulations! Did you meditate too?

  • thx a lot Mikaela :)

    • Good work , congratulations for your change :)

  • Congrats! Your eyes are really pretty, they actually look lighter in the after pic! :)

  • yes, also when i look at people, i imagine myself looking at them with hazel eyes instead of brown :) 

    • did you do it whole day or for a particular amount of time (like going into trance and than visualizing) ?

  • how did you do it ? visualization ?

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