I'm a true believer now

I had been wondering for a long time what the problem is and why I'm not manifesting as fast as others and I have realized what it is. I've been feeling and seeing changes lately and I want to share with you all. Relax and just state what you desire .... believe in it .... believe that you have it now already feel the happiness of having it feel complete .... visualize your exact desire as vividly as you can .... when you visualize do it from your heart feel the happiness of already having your desired change and be absolutely sure that's it's already yours .... it's a done deal and now you just have to let go .... instead of forcing yourself to be positive about reaching your goal, can you just forget about it? and in general be happy and appreciate all that comes your way .... food, clothes, life, friends, family everything that others might not have but God has granted you it .... just be happy for all that you have .... why is it not important to think about your desired goal? well if you already have something are you gonna keep thinking about it? are you gonna keep visualizing something that you already have!? .... sure if visualizing makes you feel good do it but after you're done just let it go because now you have believed that you already have it and if you think about it constantly you're contradicting your belief that says you already have your desired height. Humans don't worry or stress about something they already have, they don't constantly think and obsessively think about stuff they possess. You don't even have to fake ACT like you already have because it's all done vibrationally and so you know that it exists vibrationally .... so if don't see it in the mirror that's ok because you already have it you don't need to see it it'll all just come. 


The point is to have it done viberationally meaning you can't see it but you don't need to because you know that you already have it, it's called FAITH like we have FAITH in God. Once you believe your body always must follow that belief, think about it like this .... everything that you do is a manifestation of your belief system .... will your arm move if you don't want it to move, will you walk if you don't want to walk? no because your body is helping you with the action but your mind is INTENDING that action .... the reason we do it so easily is because we're taught from childhood that it's the way our body functions and we've formed that belief and we take it as granted but it's really all the same thing. The problem is and the reason it's harder for us adults is because we've grown around ppl telling us certain things are not possible without surgery, medicines or doctors because that's the way this world makes money .... the government makes money from Doctors and Surgeons so they're not gonna tell us everything and as time goes by people don't believe in it anymore because they're taught so otherwise, it's like a long forgotten theory.


Think about a time when you were a child .... I know when I was a child someone just told me that before I sleep just AFFIRM that you will get up at 6:00 AM and don't speak after that just sleep .... because I was a kid I believed in it and I always always got up at the time I AFFIRMED it was like an automatic mental clock. Another example is when my Aunt told me .... if you miss someone just close your eyes and imagine their face and tell them to call you and they will .... why is that the person always called me like the next day? it's because I was a child and believed in everything I was told. It's just easier for kids because kids believe in everything, they believe in Santa and monsters and what not so YES it's easier and it WORKS because that's how everything works. You are NOT your body .... instead YOUR body is yours and you own it .... it doesn't own you so you can control it anyway you would like .... same goes with your life. When you're happy about everything in general you'll automatically release the resistance in reaching your desires and your body WILL manifest that physical change you intended for initially. I've researched within myself and have realized that this is the way, and I'm gonna follow it .... I will be successful and I wish you the best of luck as well. Please do share your stories because they're motivating. I will follow up and share my results with you all :). Don't wait for something to be happy and content, be happy now appreciate everything you have and everything else will follow.


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  • What about the other things she suggested?
  • Oh Thank you thank you thank you!!!! This has strenghtened me to continue my journey of physical change. This post was so refreshing!

  • @jahara she has disappeared it seems! im taking what I can from her posts that I can find. I started tapping last night and feel much better already. excited :) how did you get on with using eft / shipras advice? :)
    • Unfortunately EFT didn't helped me :/

  • jahara did you get a chance to speak to shipra? Would love to hear your side. Ive looked through all of her threads i could find!

    • wow my post from 2012!

      Yes I sent Pm to her and she answered. :)

  • Fantastic post! The world needs people like you! Your experience is so important for many reasons! Thanks for sharing!!! Happy manifesting to you!!! To a dream life, for everyone :-)

  • great way to get rid of any unwated thing on your body :)

  • you hit it right on the mark!!!!!  thankyou for this i needed the reminder today :)7294665060?profile=original

  • I could feel this way, do three days. Thanks to Shipra. Now I understand how it works, I feel really happy, really got what I want. Good, it seems even easier.

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