I'm back....

I never thought I'd be saying this: this is my first time logging on to this forum in a couple months. 

Here's another thing I never thought I'd be saying: I'm not depressed anymore!!! (At least not now and I haven't been since July)

To get over depression I started taking St. John's wort. Its an all natural herb which is supposed to help with miild to moderate depression. After about a week I wasn't depressed anymore. And it's been the same way since. I never ever thought I wouldn't be depressed, especially considering how unattractive I am and how badly I wanted to be good looking. I used the past tense because, I still wanna look the way I wanna, but I don't obsess over it.

So has anyone on here had any significant success during my absence? Maybe since not that I'm not depressed anymore I'll be able to manifest some changes.

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  • Welcome back, glad to hear you're better, keep it strong, man, the Universe has your back ;)

    Once again, glad to see you return, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

  • I'm glad you're back and feeling better. I haven't been here in a few years i also got really depressed and deleted my first account. since then I came back and I don't have resistance with changing my physical appearance im not motivated like i used to be.
  • @Aaron

    Glad to see you in good spirits and glad to hear that you are not depressed anymore. Welcome back and Thanks for sharing the natural remedy, I am sure a lot of people can benefit from this information. The key to success in manifesting is persistence of keep a good vibration, a vibration that matches what you want and the feelings you will have once you achieve the desire. This is easy for some people and hard for others, I would suggest to read with Ask and It Is Given and read it many times until you fully grasp the idea and start bringing your vibration up. Good luck!!!!
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