I'm finally seeing my eye pupil :D

Hello everyone!

I wanted to talk about my eye color changing experience, for a while now I've been obsessed with changing my eye color. My eyes were dark brown and I wanted to change them to a green color. I've been successful with certain body traits and healing scars but somehow I've had a lot resistance regarding changing my eye color maybe it's due to the fact that they are quite dark so whenever I looked in the mirror I felt discouraged which affected my vibration also I was very obsessed with the idea with added more fuel to the fire. So one day I've been reading about placebos and how they work, one surprising thing I learned about them is that placebos work even if you consciously know they are placebos. So I had this idea I put some mint gums in a small pill jar and named them "eye color changing pills", what I did was take a gum in the morning and one in the evening like a real drug schedule. Two weeks later I'm finally seeing my eye pupil and my eye color is lightening  :-)

So what makes this different than just believing that your eye color is just changing:

1- Our mind is much more easily tricked by outside factors and circumstances  (I heard bashar say this in one of his lectures once and I testify to this).

2- Placebos work even if your mind know they are placebos (there have been studies done proving this).

3- It feels like a shortcut you just chew the gum and the feeling of certainty ,knowing and the clearing of resistance comes along with it, no need to try to manage your feelings by yourself  because that's the gum's job since you consciously already decided it was (I hope this makes sense to you lol).

I hope this helps everyone on here having difficulties manifesting their desired physical traits and you're free to ask any questions regarding this.

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  • Cool trick!

  • Kiki, my love, you are a genius! I'm glad you decided to post this because it's something I've been experimenting with ever since I read an article about placebos (on Cracked.com, no less!).

    I made up labels for the usual supplements I take - iron, biotin, cranberry and turmeric. These labels specifically talked about the results I wanted to achieve from each. they had things like -  height pills, beautiful hair, weight loss pills, boob pills, etc. - written on them. I've been taking them for a week now. I feel taller, lighter, more confident, and beautiful. My stomach's gone in a bit, and my hair's more bouncy, happy and thick. I'm unconsciously making healthier choices, and feeling really good. I've been sleeping better. I'm less stressed about life in general. I think it's the process that has a calming effect on me. It's a routine, and routines are comfortable.

    If anyone's trying this method, do keep at it! It gets better and as your resistance clears, as you see results it'll become even easier to manifest. :)

  • Becuz in addition to placebo water is some sort of energy conductor type thing. And did u read article about water crystallization? And water is good for purification etc, it would be 1 of best placebo, plus u can make various color water for variousthings you can make water hold a desire. I read something about a jar a pure water. You write desires on paper and tape them facing in. I think you leave where sun can hit it or something but you drink from it.
  • You can just name the bottle for certain specific things and just spray them in the area you want to change and just think by doing that you're gettiNguyen results.
  • My eyes are getting lighter, and my under eye circles are fading. The spray bottle was just a beauty spray. I didn't specify anything to be honest
  • How about this, do YOUR own method. Don't worry about others. I really don't get how you can be in this group & try to discourage others. Don't spew your doubts unto others. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't meant it won't work for others.

    And the spray bottle placebo has been working beautifully for me and it hasn't even been a week yet, so yeah.
  • Yes but there are easier ways to be happier. But loa changes anything. If u want science side study quantum etc. U want spiritual bit, there's tons. U want something in middle there'd biok. In simplest terms loa doesn't care about how. Altho I do meditation for stress and other things, and I find it makes me happy. You can convince self to love self. There's subliminals. I do lucid dreams and the occasional accidental Astral projection. Which I assume just comes from a strong desire to want to feel a certain thing. As I said I'm not fit to give tips on Ap due to fact it is accidental oh as a ps, I was doing flaxseed pills. I use them as placebo. I use them for 1 real health thing, and I mentally tacked on made up other things. I feel really happy taking them.
  • oh god! this sounds like such an awesome idea!!! well, if it can work for physical appearance, can it work for more inner things too? like to be wiser or to be happier or to be kinder or something? :D

  • What Willow said :)

    • Thanks guys I guess its the believing well im going to try this will post on here if my 'magic pills work' lol
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