I can't take it anymore, wanting to look the way i want but i don't. Most every who i messaged told me i had resistance, one had the audacity to tell me that i was working against what i wanted! HOW THE HCEK COULD I HAVE BEEN WORKING AGAINST SOMETHING I WANTED. I did the stupid subliminals, visualization, trying and trying for a year and nothing worked. Then this person told me they didn't believe that i had been working on anything for a year. Not only this, but the law has never worked at all for anything. I try to manifest money, nothing, change appearance, nothing, manifest and expericene, nothing. And i wasted money on custom subliminal and loa books. I have a message for you all. LOA IS BS. It's not going to work for you. If you really wanna change your appearance than save up for some plastic surgery. but i can't afford that so I'm just learning to live with my shitty appearance. None of you will ever be able to change your appearance with your mind. LOA is bs. It never works and people who think that they have changed their appearance, there are a few on this form, are lying to themselves and all of you. LOA DOESNT WORK!!! If it did id  have my ideal appearance by now. So in short. Im giving up. LOA is a con and i hope all of you will wake up and just start living your life and working for what you want, because thats the only way to get what you want, if what you want is possible. 

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  • Hey I just want to say I empathize with you. I'm so sorry you're struggling. I'm 50/50 on my belief and I know how hard it can be to deal with not liking how you look. I havent figured out a solution yet either. But I just want you to know that I care about you and I'm so sorry you're going through this pain ❤

  • I see a lot of negativity in the comment section, which kind of saddens me really. But anyways,

    Hey Aaron, I know how you feel. Feel like you'll never succeed, feel like everyone can make it but you, or perhaps that people are just faking it and being delusional? I have felt that too, many times. And that comes from someone with a LOT of blocked beliefs. I do believe you when you say you've tried many times or when you say you have tried many methods. Because it happened to me too. I tried many subliminals, many techniques of meditation, etc... And honestly, what I've learned from this is that we're all different and whatever works for someone might not work for you.

    I don't know if my advice can help you much, but I'dd like to at least try. Here are some things I feel might be able to clear your mind and help you feel more at peace.

    - First of all, instead of working directly on your body or money which are things that are hard to attract for people who grew in this modern society, work on your belief of the LOA. 

    - Try methods that you know you feel can actually work. Trick your mind into believing in the LOA. For example, I used to want to grow taller. Needless to say after a year and a half I only managed to grow a few milimeters. Instead, work on something mental. Let's say you tend to be sensitive to certain things (not saying you are just giving an example), work on that instead. I worked on my depression and anger issues and honestly, I'm a whole new person now. Trust me, that helped me a lot, especially when I started working on good grades, motivation and weight loss. 

    - Make yourself believe through watching documentaries on Metaphysics and Quantum physics! Things that seem impossible at first but yet have been proven by science today! I remember watching this video of an African man in a country somewhere in Africa performing surgery on his patient without the need of any anaesthetics or medication. You could literally see him open his skin and a very small amount of blood poured, heck the patient didn't even seem uncomfortable at all! You can also watch movies like 2001 the Odyssey or Interstellar! Stuff that blows your mind!

    So basically my point is, work on fully believing on the LOA before using it on anything related to your body or money and such. I've been using the LOA for 3 years almost four and it's only started really working after the second year (and even then at first it was slow as hell). You can do it, man! Just believe in yourself to the fullest.

  • Do you have any books or articles or website you can share if we're living in illusion? I'd love to read more, because I think I too have resistance. I hope you are still active miss. Sometimes I felt happy, sometimes I feel down too:(

  • I believe in working for things you want, as far as money goes (but wouldn't go for physical appearance, would have to totally be natural).

    It is in alignment with my beliefs.

    Would love to put in action.

  • Abraham Hicks would say that you were focusing on the lack while you were affirming. You should focus on what you want and let it go without insisting on it manifesting. Hard but that is the way...
  • By feminine ballerina physic, what do you mean?

  • Aaron, I am so sorry that things are hard for you.

    I am not sure if you will be coming back to read this, but I think my advice for you is to combine LOA with physical actions in order to strengthen your belief. What I mean is, for example, if I dream about wanting a ballerina body-it is actually my current goal right now lol-I can mix my intention with the universe by doing exercises that is geared towards sculpting a ballerina body. I do Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers and, combining that with my wish, I am seeing SUPER FAST results. I am talking not even a week into it and my body has that very pretty, feminine look to it that resembles a ballerina dancer. I did her program before LOA, and it worked some in terms of weight loss, but not for giving me that ballerina physique . With LOA... I manifested it. Still got some work to do, but I am literally 1-2 dress sizes behind until my dream comes true!

    Intention + physical action = stronger beliefs = successful manifestation.

  • Haha glad you liked it. Old saying my mom says all the time about giving people advice that they never follow.
  •  "You can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink"

    Funny, i like that :)

  • It definitely works. I visualise myself having wide hips and people have been telling me without me inquiring that my hups have widen. Lots of people comment on my sml waist and wide hips now its ridiculous. I still have trouble believing it.
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