I´ m making my eyelashes grow (pic included)

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is feeling great :)I´d like to share my story with you. First of all I have to say that I´m not ugly...actually many people compliment me that I look pretty. But I´ve always been really shy and I felt bad about my look. I´m not fat but I´m not thin either. I have rosacea on my cheeks and keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. There are so many things that I wanted to change. So I started to think about cell talk. I don´t like plastic surgery kind of beauty...I like elegant and classic beauty - you know Audrey Hepburn kind of beauty :) And obviously, Audrey had beautiful eyes and eyelashes. So I started to do a little cell talk. I have to admit - I haven´t been really consistent with it but I´m really glad that I can report - it WORKS! I know that you guys want to see pictures so I took one before and one after.

6253860874?profile=originalI know, it took me couple of months but like I said - I wasn´t consistent with talking to my cells every day. To be honest I sometimes totally forgot about it for couple of weeks. I know that difference isn´t that huge but I can see it and in person it is more visible :)

Good luck to all of you and I would be really glad if you´d share your succes stories with changing physical appearance.

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  • Nice!  I can see a clear difference.  Longer thicker and shinier! 

  • lol :D 

  • It took one thousand years wow! This is an example of persistence!

  • Woww
  • Wow you really inspired me your eyelashes look great, I'm working on changing my nose but I have problem when I look at myself in the mirror and in pictures I feel that nothing is changing so that makes me feel bad and negative I don't know how l should help myself in this matter
  • and i have heard about applying Castor Oil too. Esp for the hair to grow or regrow.

    • I've used Castor Oil and it really works :)

      By the way I' using Castor Oil on my nails as well, it helps a lot.

  • Hey I know cell talking works, it works for me too but try also applying a bit of coconut oil to your lashes it helped mine grow like crazy :).
  • Yanime 101, thank you for your opinion - I agree with you 100%!! Have you ever noticed that when we are happier everything falls into a place so easily? It´s almost effortless....and we are always like...whoa! Today must be my lucky day...or what a coincidence....it´s not about luck...it´s about our vibrations and thoughts...And sooner we accept it, better for us :)

  • Congratulations! Now that you have proof you can do it, I'm guessing it will happen quicker as there is less resistance! X
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