I reached my goal!!

Hi I just wanted to let you all know that I've reached my goal which was height increase. You have probably heard all about it already, you just need to keep in right vibrational place and you will be it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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  • COngratulations on becoming tall. I am 5'8 now and I want to be 6'8ft tall. I believe I can make this happen. I had also been doing Growing Taller Hypnosis every night. I imagine my taller body. I am happy that I will be tall. I just have a question on letting go, how do you stop from always thinking about it? thank you

  • Lol, what does that have to do with anything?  Plus, we don't know what was going on in Jerry's mind/vibationally that lead to that.  He always told Esther that he'd probably leave before she does, since he's older.  Most of what the Abraham people convey through Esther is fantastic information! :D  Don't worry so much about loa famous people and what they get, just focus on what YOU want and what's relevant to YOU, and/or look for other people's stories that DO excite you! :D 

  • This here is Worth read again,

    " Juan I'm sorry I couldn't answer your questions yesterday because I was quite busy.

    But anyway

    1. Well what I did was for the first couple of weeks I would try to distance myself from reality as much as possible. I would ignore "what is" as much as possible. I can see that you are already meditating so that is great you should keep that up. Also another thing you could do in the morning is if you know you will go somewhere or do something visualise yourself doing that tall and the way you want it to be. This is what Abraham Hicks calls prepaving you can look it up if you want to know more. And the evenings you can look back on the day and visualise everything like you want it to be, and believe that is how things are.

    2. Im not sure if you can really distinguish between feeling tall and "acting as if". To me they are the same thing, either you believe you are tall or you don't. But I truely believed and felt I was already tall, so i got longer jeans and started buying large/extra large t-shirts instead of medium, and totally believed the clothes fit me, and before long it did. But then again this is up to you but in my mind if you are already tall, it is only natural that you would get bigger clothes now. If you think I will get bigger clothes when i become tall you dont really believe you are tall do you? But if you don't think about it too much it shouldn't matter its all in the mind."

    • i was always satisfied, what jota said. but today i am confused because you have mentioned the fraud woman Abraham Hicks.

      you know that LOA is true but not the gurus, and still you mentioned her?

  • This is an incredible story~!  Its success tales like this that make me realize I have to stop being so lazy. :)

    Congratulations on your success.

  • how did you make yourself "feel" or "know" that you're already at that height?

  • congo bro..now i am new to IP ther are lot of imfrmation but i get confussed so can u give your tips to increase height..plz i am 19 and i am 5'4 i want to be 6 feet tall ...and oone more thing people tell me u have to let go ..so do i have to not think about my height too much or let it go means is that you dont have to worry plz help ...and belive my i really need

  • AMAZING thread, read all 16 pages ! :D
    Congratulations Drum champ, so happy for you. :)
    I'm already on my way to 5' 7, Wish me luck ! :)

  • Thank you so much for the post. helps a lot! It made me get a better idea of what I should do. One question though, did you get any moments of doubts during those 3-4 months? was there any day when you had a set back but then got back to the right vibration again? or even minutes, hours, days where you weren't at your best vibration? or was there no one moment of doubt during these few months?

  • Also , can I just keep saying in my mind that I am 6 feet tall , while I go through the day's work. Is it possible to become tall by just affirming but not feeling or do I have to atleast make time out to feel everyday .

    One more thing is , all throughout the day or maybe 5-6 times I am saying thank you to the Universe for making me 6 feet tall . But , at night , my heart tells me that 'before sleeping pray to the Universe asking Him to make you tall' . Am I then conflicting my thoughts by saying thank you all day and again asking the Universe to help me be tall at night . Please reply , someone .

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