I reached my goal!!

Hi I just wanted to let you all know that I've reached my goal which was height increase. You have probably heard all about it already, you just need to keep in right vibrational place and you will be it. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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  • H'es not here anymore

  • Hello Drumchamp. I dont know if youre still on this forum but thank you for the encouraging words of success. I intend to stand at 5'4 so these results are great to see.
  • No,there isn't :) only if you put that kind of limit. Try to break down this limiting belief and you'll be able to reach your goal

    • WOW!! that's so encouraging Lin...I have started the journey...but can you tell me how to visualize my desired height?  I try to feel tall...and reach for the higher book shelf ( I have shifted the book to one shelf above), started to hang things higher so I can reach it with little struggle...am I doing it wrong? as I do this, it reminds me that I have to grow taller>

    • Hey my dear, to be honest I didn't think much about height change as I already am 5'8, but if I think about it, I might have influenced my height with loa as I am even taller than my father :D I've always felt tall, I was surrounded by small people, which made me feel even taller. Maybe that is something you could start with. I would recommend you to wear high heels, so you get the feeling of how it is being tall and able to reach things which are higher. After you get used to the feeling of being tall and forget that you're wearing high heels you may start visualising yourself from that perspective-except you're not wearing those high heels anymore in your imagination. Plus, if there's any negative feelings attached to your height, you should start working on them. You can only change if you fully accept yourself. accepting yourself doesn't mean you won't change, it only means you're in the right vibrational position. For me, FasterEft is working very well on emotional issues (had a heartbreaking breakup and after only one and a half week I feel soooo much better). Try tapping on your feelings towards your height and this might remove existing limiting beliefs.

      Don't let other people take you down, if anyone makes any comments, just ignore them.

      I recommend you read Neville Goddard's Power of Awareness it is written very well and might help you understand things better.

      If you don't want to, basically what he's saying is, that you have to feel as if you already reached your desired goal.

      Besides, don't try to force things if you don't feel well, try to work on that first and then you move on and can expect fast results.You may move the book back to it's original shelf, it might only lead to frustration as you will be reminded of "how small you are" (which you aren't, you're tall ;) ) . Me as a tall girl, I don't care where things are, I just reach them, so don't think to much about that :) it has to feel naturally.

      Wish you the best, don't hesitate to ask me any further questions (don't know if I'm in the right position to say so :D I'm still working on some issues as well). Hopefully I didn't confuse you too much!

    • Loads of thanks to you Lin, will go through the recommended book.  I am a vivid reader...lol and would love books any time and particularly for my benefit...I will die to get hold of that one.

      I am 4'10" now (being frank to you) but when others ask, I say 5, so that I am not embarrassed...at least to a point...do you think this could be my blockage? am I not accepting myself?

      By the way, thanks for your time, you have given to explaining the working of the loa.

    • It's my pleasure :) I think it might be a blockage as I guess when people ask you about your height, in the back of your mind you have the feeling of lying to them don't you? You're not convinced of being 5', as you say  it only to not feel embarrassed of your actual height.

      You have to believe you are the height you want to be, so you won't even need to pretend you're 5' cause you're not. When I was walking down the street today, I saw you. When you passed by you were the same height as me, a tall, slender and beautiful woman, I was amazed when I saw you passing by, you looked so elegant  . :)

      Go and get that book, it's gonna be so worth it plus it's cheap ^^

    • "When I was walking down the street today, I saw you. When you passed by you were the same height as me, a tall, slender and beautiful woman, I was amazed when I saw you passing by, you looked so elegant  . :)"

      Did I feel awesome? you bet! I had rush of blood all over my body visualizing myself your height...Thank you tons Lin!  You know, I really can see myself your height now...this is visualizing...wow!

      Well, I got the PDF version of the book online


      I cannot stop thanking you much!

  • Is there any age bar? I am 30 and want to increase my height

  • How tall are you now? Just curious. :)

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