I think I just made cell talk work!!!

(I'm I guy BTW) Ok, so this is like super exciting!!! So there are so many things about my appearance I wanna change. I recently decided to try only changing them one at a time. I wanted to start with my nose. So I resemble my mom a lot but I inherited my dad's nose. And his nose is SUPER UGLY!!! No joke, it's hard to explain, but, my nose really has like no definition, if that makes sense, it is just like, fat, for a nose. I don't know how to explain it but it's hideous. I wanted to have in hearted my mothers nose (obvious it would be like a masculinized version of it on me cause I'm a guy). My moms nose is nice and proportionate on her face. Having a face like my moms but a nose like my dads doesn't work out, they aren't proportionate to each other. Anyway, I wanted to start with just using my nose. So I started talking in my head to my cells. I told my cells "come one cells, you know how ugly it is to have a nose like this, change my nose to what it would be if I had inherited my moms nose, you have the DNA in you."

Some people say that for cell talking you need pictures of the features, but if you want to inherit a different feature from a parent, grandparent, etc. I don't think you need a photo because the DNA from them is a part of you, but that gene for the nose you want isn't expressing itself, so I guess the cells now how to make that nose.

But when I said that my nose started tingling. I kept saying "come on cells keep going, you're getting there!!". The feeling kept going on. Infact, I still have that feeling while writing this post. But I haven't seen the nose actually change, but I feel now that I am well on my way to it. I used to try cell talk, and I thought of it as this abstract concept, like you couldn't talk to your cells directly and had to use subliminals. But it's so easy! It's super easy to get the tingling!!!

If anyone has used cell talk, from the time that you get you're first tinglings how long does it take to manifest a change?

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  • Ooooo. Now, if that book would manifest on my doorstep... :}

  • I've experienced similar tingling feelings in my face when I've imagined my skin cells "beautifying" and baby cells emerging fresh and new. I wasn't cell talking, but using creative visualization. But I guess these techniques are all interrelated. To be honest, I've always had pretty good skin, but I've noticed that when I do this regularly I tend to get a lot of compliments about it. So I feel like something does happen. Also I notice that when I look in the mirror after the visualization, my cheeks have a rosy glow due to a little bit of heat generated during that time.

    I think that with your nose there is only one way to find out for sure whether it works, and that is to continue with it religiously for an extended period of time and with a completely open mind. Just tell yourself you are going to do this as an experiment to see what happens. Don't worry about whether it wil work or not work: just go ahead and do it and enjoy the process. I would forget about time frames because once you start asking "how long will this take?", then you are focusing on not having rather than having. 

    I think this kind of physical change using the mind is definitely possible. I once read a book called "manifesting Michaelangelo" where the writer claims to have given people changes in facial appearence using only the power of his mind. 

  • I get more of a pain sensation on the part I'm focusing on. I do the cell talk thing for like 15 minutes and the sensation starts immediately. Whatever it is, I take it as a good sign.Btw the pain is on my jaw as I had been commanding the cells to make it more narrower.
  • Please keep us posted with your results! I too can get this tingly feeling with my nose (which I am intending to change). I think we're doing something!
  • totally agree! I find once you really just put it out there in belief, then set it and forget it, the magic happens.  Its like you must believe with a knowing, without worrying if its coming, just know its here already and will show up just when you need and always when youre not looking.  It really is magic

  • Congrats on the good signs and on just allowing it to happen. I am not sure that "time" in certain terms is really relevant, but I might suggest that you believe it, have confidence, and also try not to look at your nose, too much. Just let it change, because policing it implies that you are still trying or waiting. Start enjoying your new look and, right now. Weeee!

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