I've Had Some Success

Whenever I visualize myself feeling more attractive, the next day I see a significant difference. My skin is brighter, I look more attractive, closer to my visualized face. I just want to stare in the mirror, like I'm in love with my own face. People will comment on the difference, saying I look very pretty. I receive compliments regularly but more so after an intense visualization session. And yet if I stop the visualizing ... it fades. The dull, tired face returns. That little extra glow is gone :/

Which isn't a big deal, it doesn't take much visualizing to get that change. I've looked in mirror- felt disappointed - decide to change it by doing a 10 min daydream- forget about it and look in the mirror later and find I look bright and beautiful, different then earlier.

I see the biggest change in my skin tone. I've lost 15 pounds (this change has stayed permanently, it's been 6 months now, no change in diet, weight just fell off and stayed off) My face is more toned, sculpted. Shape of my eyebrows has changed, they have a high arch now. Shape of my eyes look different (mainly because the eyelids are flat and high now) Without meaning to I figured out a way to style my hair exactly as I was visualizing it. My nose appears more refined, not as round as it used to be, tip of nose is smaller. Basically small details. My face has become extremely close to my desired appearance. But I want a more dramatic difference in my lips (change the shape of the upper lip, want to straighten my teeth, whiten them, and change height. These are all dramatic changes, that if I did accomplish I think it'd be scared of own power?? But I know I have accomplished a lot so far. So if I can do the little stuff.... I can do the big stuff too! 

I've also visualized people commenting on my appearance. And nearly every time, the exact sentence manifests. I'm literally putting words in people's mouths. Often a different person then the one I was visualizing says it... but many times the exact person will say it! It sends chills down my spine every time. 

I think I have the right formula to manifest those big changes, it's just a matter of time. When I visualize at night, the next morning I see the difference. Every. Single. Time. For a while I would visualize and see nothing changed but it's working now. If I want to wake up tomorrow and see a more attractive self, it's easily accomplished ! 

I visualize very GENERAL. I have yet to single out a specific physical trait. If I DID , I think it would work. But I every time I try, I can't seem to get into the right FEELING. And that's the most important aspect. If I back up my focus back to general attractiveness, it's easy to get lost in my daydream and feel those awesome emotions. I guess my resistance starts to show up when I get specific. 

But I will continue to follow my dream, I've seen enough change to know this is possible. I couldn't go back to believing anything else.... I've seen too much :)

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    • you are very helpful thank you for this long explication, and i have a story, i gained 2 kilos last year so i was very careful, i began diets and focusing on my stomach that was flat, so unfortunately i gained 7 kilos now,  my stomach become inflated, and i'm now very gourmand!!!

    • Well hopefully you can watch your thoughts and emotions more carefully now and correct this :) You can always tell if you're focusing in the right direction by paying attention to how you feel.

  • hi! am trying to lighting my hair color with visualisation for 2 months, but i don't notice any progres and today my mother told me why your hair roots become darker, i'm very sad, i don't know what's the problem!!

  • @ Ligaya

    Perhaps, the people in your experience telling you these things are simply a REFLECTION of your own thoughts! We can attract the best and worst from people, depending on how YOU are vibrating. Those put downs may be the universe showing you what you are thinking, even if they are coming from the mouths of other people, those are your thoughts coming back to you? Just a thought... You need to LOVE yourself, the change will only come from a place of love. Adore yourself, write out all the things about yourself that you love. personality or appearance. Send yourself some loving vibes !!

  • I just watched a video that might help you :)


  • Hey Ligaya , when it happens , you stay with the bad feeling , i mean , you dont talk mentally , dont analize it , you dont try stay way from the feeling , you feel it till reach the peek ...then you will see that it will vanish, and the good feeling appear  , after you can do visualization again ,


    This a trick that im learnig for now , it works , most peoples will try make the bad feeling go away , then it stay :)

  • I'm going to start right. Now thanks for the Explaning your really specif & helpful :)) and I Want my eyes a hazel greenish color is brown now. Thou. Llke the singer Rihanna !
  • thank you so much

    • Was this through visualisation? Or cell talking?? So awesome though well done
  • I found it more enjoyable to visualize the whole face and body within one session. But that's my preference. Do what feels right for you. I don't think it's sending a signal to your subconscious of insecurity. I felt a great deal of love when I would visualize, it was always pleasant. Always felt delicious ! :) Honestly my self esteem has never been better, and I know it's because my intention to be more attractive has manifested.

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