I've Had Some Success

Whenever I visualize myself feeling more attractive, the next day I see a significant difference. My skin is brighter, I look more attractive, closer to my visualized face. I just want to stare in the mirror, like I'm in love with my own face. People will comment on the difference, saying I look very pretty. I receive compliments regularly but more so after an intense visualization session. And yet if I stop the visualizing ... it fades. The dull, tired face returns. That little extra glow is gone :/

Which isn't a big deal, it doesn't take much visualizing to get that change. I've looked in mirror- felt disappointed - decide to change it by doing a 10 min daydream- forget about it and look in the mirror later and find I look bright and beautiful, different then earlier.

I see the biggest change in my skin tone. I've lost 15 pounds (this change has stayed permanently, it's been 6 months now, no change in diet, weight just fell off and stayed off) My face is more toned, sculpted. Shape of my eyebrows has changed, they have a high arch now. Shape of my eyes look different (mainly because the eyelids are flat and high now) Without meaning to I figured out a way to style my hair exactly as I was visualizing it. My nose appears more refined, not as round as it used to be, tip of nose is smaller. Basically small details. My face has become extremely close to my desired appearance. But I want a more dramatic difference in my lips (change the shape of the upper lip, want to straighten my teeth, whiten them, and change height. These are all dramatic changes, that if I did accomplish I think it'd be scared of own power?? But I know I have accomplished a lot so far. So if I can do the little stuff.... I can do the big stuff too! 

I've also visualized people commenting on my appearance. And nearly every time, the exact sentence manifests. I'm literally putting words in people's mouths. Often a different person then the one I was visualizing says it... but many times the exact person will say it! It sends chills down my spine every time. 

I think I have the right formula to manifest those big changes, it's just a matter of time. When I visualize at night, the next morning I see the difference. Every. Single. Time. For a while I would visualize and see nothing changed but it's working now. If I want to wake up tomorrow and see a more attractive self, it's easily accomplished ! 

I visualize very GENERAL. I have yet to single out a specific physical trait. If I DID , I think it would work. But I every time I try, I can't seem to get into the right FEELING. And that's the most important aspect. If I back up my focus back to general attractiveness, it's easy to get lost in my daydream and feel those awesome emotions. I guess my resistance starts to show up when I get specific. 

But I will continue to follow my dream, I've seen enough change to know this is possible. I couldn't go back to believing anything else.... I've seen too much :)

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  • I visualized myself as I wanted to be. I wanted a slim waist, a more toned, slim face ( had chubby cheeks before even though I was not overweight- you can see my cheekbones now). I also wanted toned, slender legs.. ankles to be specific ! I now have the legs I've always dreamed of having. I wear shorts and dresses all the time now. Before I avoided showing my ankles because they looked fat. I don't have to worry about that anymore :)

    Within a couple weeks, the weight came off without me even trying. I didn't change anything... although I now have a smaller appetite naturally. I lost some of my curves though, such as my hips and breasts. I'm currently trying to get the curves back while retaining a small waist, and slender arms/legs. In the last week I noticed my boobs are looking better, so that's a recent change I made. Very easy to alter your body once you get the hang of it. I really like the body I've created so far, it's very close match to what I've always wanted. I just need to add a couple more inches in height and it will be 100% what I dreamed of.

    • That's awesome, I am currently trying to do the same, how much weight did u lose/ inches??
    • Thank you for the reply!

    • @starryeyed! wow thats what i think about my cheeks lol i want my face slimmer :) lol i want bigger breast like a big C cup and i want smaller ankles also. lol and my stomach is already flat i did it WITH NO exercise all i need is to toned it. and my skin flawless around my body and ill get the body i want thats all.

      oh and also thicker hair but i dont see that as changing your appereance dramatically &hazel/greenish eyes wouldnt hurt ... my eyes are brown now lol :[ 

      ps : what body type specifally is it that you want can you name a celeb?

    • @ jennifer Oneal - I really like the model Bar Refaeli :) She has a small waist, toned body but with beautiful curves! I'd like a petite version of her body. I like having a smaller frame, I would like to stay under 5'5 , I like height but there's something very attractive about being small, petite. It makes me feel more feminine. 

    • GO !, GO!! , GO!!! STARRY :) :) :)

  • Did you visualize the weight coming off, or was it just a side-effect?

  • 1.) Don't view this as a problem. Start anew right now, today. The world will reflect your thoughts. So stop thinking about your past experiences. You're presenting me with reasons why you believe you will never be beautiful. Do yourself a favor and write out all the reason you BELIEVE this is possible. Write out a list , and gradually change your belief system. Read over this list constantly to boost your confidence in the universe.

    2.)You will manifest both ! The feeling as well as the physical manifestation. I certainly feel very attractive but I also the difference in appearance. I can see the difference in photos of myself, comparing the past to the present, there is a significant change. People treat me differently, most men are attracted to me, and I usually receive many compliments from both men and women (sometimes kids even). This is a radical change. Couple years ago, nobody every complimented or commented on my appearance. SO this is no coincidence. I am not imagining things. I feel different and I look different. 

    The real problem you are having is you are wanting something you don't believe is possible. That's a tough spot to be in. You've got one foot planted firmly on the other side of the door (the side of doubt and disbelieve) and the other foot up in the air ! I think you need to convince yourself this is possible before getting started on trying to manifest this desire again. Take a break, stop trying for a little while and just focus on re- writing a belief system that is in alignment with your desire. You will feel your mood increase when you start pondering on beliefs that are a match to your desire! It feels wonderful ! Try to start with a list of 10 reasons you believe you will manifest your desire :) 

  • to question 1 , i  think you can  rejoice becos it show that manifestation of what you want has already begun (if you believe that these are the signs of what you want to happen  but very often we affected by it and forget)even before  u started the process or  what you are planing. THE INVISIBLE IS LOOKING FOR YOUR ALIGNMENT OR AGREEMENT    .   . my pastor say  when u want to know what god had already done    in the invisible . look at what the adversaries/ enemy is doing in the natural  . they are trying to do the opposite of what my god is doing. they want to opposed , suppress , trying to delay you only.( no wonder esther would say the more u try to push  downward spiral, the more the flow of where you want to be keeps pushing you to turn around). it  is not saying that you are on wrong path. .it is saying that just turn your head from left to right!!!! it is telling you to close your eyes and ears to what is in front of you to what you desired of   .  i think it is  a form of setting so that u can stretch your faith A BIT MORE .   cos i saw the link between what my pastor and esther say through your incident. thanks!!

  • I'm here to answer questions! :) Ask away please. 

    1.) When I look in the mirror I didn't visualize my new face at same time. That does sound hard! I would visualize my desired face at other times when I wasn't looking into a mirror. I would usually talk myself through it when looking into the mirror. I would remind myself that my face is a temporary manifestation. It's like clay, EASY to mold ! I don't need to feel upset or down. Changing my appearance is just a matter of time. It;s just a matter of focusing in the right direction ! When you figure out the formula for changing your physical appearance, you'll see how easy it really is! Trust yourself more, trust the universe. It's listening to you I promise!! The world will reflect your thoughts like a mirror!

    2.) To be honest , it took me 2 whole years to release the resistance I had!!! When I first started, I was constantly trying to figure out HOW to make this happen. I had a very desperate vibe. I didn't start to see changes until I understood the following

    a.) The more relaxed you are, the more you accept your current appearance the better! You want to start from a soft, detached place. Have the following attitude " I want to change, but if I don't it's ok. I WILL eventually, so I can relax and leave that up to the universe. Doesn't have to happen right now. All is well ! 

    b.) You don't need a physical manifestation before believing. Have faith in the unseen. Because it won't manifest until you believe. You are going to HAVE TO BELIEVE before you can see it with your physical eyes. There is no way around this. It's the only way. So let go of 'reality' and stop believing what you may think you are seeing.

    Your desired physical appearance EXISTS ALREADY. If you want to SEE it here in the physical, you need to pretend for a little while it's already here. Eventually it will be real! 

    3.) I found it helpful to look at models or actresses I wanted to look like. I choose kate moss for my face, I liked her sculpted cheekbones. After manifesting the prominent cheekbones I wanted. People started telling me I looked like a model, that I should pursue a modeling career, etc etc. In my whole life, I never had compliments like this. It was only after I focused on changing my appearance! I've had positive reactions. People say things like "You look more beautiful every time I see you! How is this possible" . So people have noticed, but they don't suspect anything weird or supernatural about. It's all positive. But I have yet to manifest the more dramatic changes. Part of me is holding back because I don't want to change so much so that people won't recognize me. But remember, most people have a VERY limited belief system! Even if I were to tell them I created the change with my mind, they wouldn't believe me. So it doesn't matter how they will react. And perhaps they will suspect plastic surgery but oh well? It's your physical appearance, make it whatever you want :)

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