I've Had Some Success

Whenever I visualize myself feeling more attractive, the next day I see a significant difference. My skin is brighter, I look more attractive, closer to my visualized face. I just want to stare in the mirror, like I'm in love with my own face. People will comment on the difference, saying I look very pretty. I receive compliments regularly but more so after an intense visualization session. And yet if I stop the visualizing ... it fades. The dull, tired face returns. That little extra glow is gone :/

Which isn't a big deal, it doesn't take much visualizing to get that change. I've looked in mirror- felt disappointed - decide to change it by doing a 10 min daydream- forget about it and look in the mirror later and find I look bright and beautiful, different then earlier.

I see the biggest change in my skin tone. I've lost 15 pounds (this change has stayed permanently, it's been 6 months now, no change in diet, weight just fell off and stayed off) My face is more toned, sculpted. Shape of my eyebrows has changed, they have a high arch now. Shape of my eyes look different (mainly because the eyelids are flat and high now) Without meaning to I figured out a way to style my hair exactly as I was visualizing it. My nose appears more refined, not as round as it used to be, tip of nose is smaller. Basically small details. My face has become extremely close to my desired appearance. But I want a more dramatic difference in my lips (change the shape of the upper lip, want to straighten my teeth, whiten them, and change height. These are all dramatic changes, that if I did accomplish I think it'd be scared of own power?? But I know I have accomplished a lot so far. So if I can do the little stuff.... I can do the big stuff too! 

I've also visualized people commenting on my appearance. And nearly every time, the exact sentence manifests. I'm literally putting words in people's mouths. Often a different person then the one I was visualizing says it... but many times the exact person will say it! It sends chills down my spine every time. 

I think I have the right formula to manifest those big changes, it's just a matter of time. When I visualize at night, the next morning I see the difference. Every. Single. Time. For a while I would visualize and see nothing changed but it's working now. If I want to wake up tomorrow and see a more attractive self, it's easily accomplished ! 

I visualize very GENERAL. I have yet to single out a specific physical trait. If I DID , I think it would work. But I every time I try, I can't seem to get into the right FEELING. And that's the most important aspect. If I back up my focus back to general attractiveness, it's easy to get lost in my daydream and feel those awesome emotions. I guess my resistance starts to show up when I get specific. 

But I will continue to follow my dream, I've seen enough change to know this is possible. I couldn't go back to believing anything else.... I've seen too much :)

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    • I didn't specifically intent to attract invisalign, I was trying to just focus on the final outcome of having a beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth. So I would visualize my smile as I want to be. I was hoping the changes would come naturally, but instead I have to option to get Invisalign paid for in full by a family member as a gift. So I would advice you to just focus on attracting the smile you want, and let the universe decide the easiest route for you! :)

    • Thank you Starry :) I'll take your advice ;)

    • i'm happy for you starryeyed!

  • StarryEyed, have you seen changes in your height yet ?

  • I did. Though the results won't probably show up until months afterwards, not properly. I used to use it weekly at first, then bi-weekly, then monthly. I could still do with using it some more but it's a real pain to use. You might want to avoid going out in public for a few days after use. 

    I used 0.5mm needles at first and then bumped up to 1.5mm. If you do get one, make sure to use a proper brand as the needles will bend or break quickly on the cheap shit models.

    I definitely recommend it.

  • has anyone seen any results by using dermarollers???

  • I would say focus on the final outcome, simply because this is what has worked best for me. Focusing on something 'changing' never worked for me, it was only once I locked into the feeling of it being DONE. But I know there are so many methods, there is no right or wrong way. As long as you feel positive emotion, and have a strong dream you feel good about and EXPECT to come true.

    Just keep working on your belief. It may be soft right now but if you persist, it will become stronger :)

  • of course, you can use as MANY methods as you want  - do whatever feels good to you

    regarding legs, I think you have to change your focus .... instead of " i don't have long legs" to "wow, i am feeling how my legs ar changing " or smth like that :)

    good luck

  • Your an inspiration! Love your testimony! Keep up the good work!

  • Of course, feel free to message me. You can do separate sessions or focus on both in one session. It's really up you and what you feel most at ease with :) 

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