I've Had Some Success

Whenever I visualize myself feeling more attractive, the next day I see a significant difference. My skin is brighter, I look more attractive, closer to my visualized face. I just want to stare in the mirror, like I'm in love with my own face. People will comment on the difference, saying I look very pretty. I receive compliments regularly but more so after an intense visualization session. And yet if I stop the visualizing ... it fades. The dull, tired face returns. That little extra glow is gone :/

Which isn't a big deal, it doesn't take much visualizing to get that change. I've looked in mirror- felt disappointed - decide to change it by doing a 10 min daydream- forget about it and look in the mirror later and find I look bright and beautiful, different then earlier.

I see the biggest change in my skin tone. I've lost 15 pounds (this change has stayed permanently, it's been 6 months now, no change in diet, weight just fell off and stayed off) My face is more toned, sculpted. Shape of my eyebrows has changed, they have a high arch now. Shape of my eyes look different (mainly because the eyelids are flat and high now) Without meaning to I figured out a way to style my hair exactly as I was visualizing it. My nose appears more refined, not as round as it used to be, tip of nose is smaller. Basically small details. My face has become extremely close to my desired appearance. But I want a more dramatic difference in my lips (change the shape of the upper lip, want to straighten my teeth, whiten them, and change height. These are all dramatic changes, that if I did accomplish I think it'd be scared of own power?? But I know I have accomplished a lot so far. So if I can do the little stuff.... I can do the big stuff too! 

I've also visualized people commenting on my appearance. And nearly every time, the exact sentence manifests. I'm literally putting words in people's mouths. Often a different person then the one I was visualizing says it... but many times the exact person will say it! It sends chills down my spine every time. 

I think I have the right formula to manifest those big changes, it's just a matter of time. When I visualize at night, the next morning I see the difference. Every. Single. Time. For a while I would visualize and see nothing changed but it's working now. If I want to wake up tomorrow and see a more attractive self, it's easily accomplished ! 

I visualize very GENERAL. I have yet to single out a specific physical trait. If I DID , I think it would work. But I every time I try, I can't seem to get into the right FEELING. And that's the most important aspect. If I back up my focus back to general attractiveness, it's easy to get lost in my daydream and feel those awesome emotions. I guess my resistance starts to show up when I get specific. 

But I will continue to follow my dream, I've seen enough change to know this is possible. I couldn't go back to believing anything else.... I've seen too much :)

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  • You're very welcome Ligaya :)

    I didn't really feel jealous of other pretty women. In fact I was grateful for their existence because it gave me a clear picture of what I wanted to look like. My desire may have not even been born if it wasn't for other beautiful people such as models n celebrities. I would buy magazines, and flip through the pages admiring the difference facial features. If you're feeling jealousy, their is a deeper reason for it. Again, I think it's your belief. As soon as you open up to the possibilities, you will embrace the example other attractive people are giving us.

    I daydream the most when doing mundane chores like the dishes, or when I am in the shower. So yes I do daydream without music as well. Daydream whenever you feel inclined. Make sure it feels light, and fun. If you do with the intention of trying to 'make something happen' you'll slow yourself down. Just enjoy the vision, enjoy the good feelings.

  • "I live within my imagination" Thats it!!!!!! 

    Imagination and physical reality is the same thing :)

  • I've been trying to grow taller as well. The other week my mom mentioned I look taller, but I would like to actually grow a couple more inches. I've been affirming to myself  "I LOVE being 5'5. I love the height increase the universe has given me". But I haven't gotten a hold of that genuine feeling of having a height increase... so I am not surprised I haven't seen a change. Affirming without feeling doesn't do much. But clearing up skin is very easy! Improved skin tone was probably the first change I saw in my physical appearance, it appeared the quickest. I would visualize myself looking into the mirror, and I would run my fingers over my soft, silky, smooth skin. Use your sense of touch in your visualization. Thank the universe for giving you this beautiful skin as you visualize it. Feel the gratitude BEFORE the manifestation. Follow through with inspired action, don't ignore your inner hunches ... you may to start to attract skin products, or articles or be attracted to foods that will lead you to healthier skin. 

  • can you suggest me some tips to grow taller and make my skin clear??

  • I don't meditate to be honest. Although I consider daydreaming/visualizing to be a different 'state' then normal. I visualize for the most part at night, before sleeping. But it's an ongoing process, all day long I will daydream about my desires ( I don't intentionally set apart time during the day, I just naturally find myself imagining things the way I'd like them to be.) I live within my imagination. 

    I like to listen to music while I visualize, it adds energy to the images. Heightens my mood, makes it easier to shut out the outside world. I can usually do a 20 minute session easily. Which sounds like a lot of time, but it's such an enjoyable activity, I don't feel time. I just find myself lost in my dream world and it feels amazing. I try to visualize from both first person AND third person perspective. I like to imagine myself looking at photo's of myself in the desired physical appearance. Or looking into a mirror. This way I can give a clear picture of what I want exactly.  If I find myself unable to find the right feeling, or get a clear picture, I stop and return to the process at another time. Sometimes I'm just not in the right mood for it, so I don't force it and leave it for later. EMOTIONS are very important. You want to feel grateful, happy, elated, excited, ... euphoria even! Without these feelings, the visuals are empty/dead/waste of time in my opinion. Also make sure you are telling yourself this is a present state. Don't view it as a 'far away dream' that will happen one day. It's happening NOW and it's real. It's a vibration, and it will come to pass if you persist in your dream. Try to forget about your current appearance. When you imagine the desired appearance, remind yourself THIS IS NOW what you look like. 

    • Hey i like that imagining the photos never thought of that,i always think of the mirror.Thats another cool way i can see myself how i want to be. Thank you.  :D

  • http://www.silvamindbodyhealing.com/online/lessons/mind-healing

    this was really good @creationist i just finished reading this

  • Can you elaborate on your visualization process, like when and if you are meditating while doing it?

  • Yes ! For a long time I thought about the body and face I would have 'one day". The moment I started to forget about past,present, future is when things really started working. Always look at your desire from the perspective of having it today !! It's very very very important :) 

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