I want Elizabeth Taylor's EYES! One question, though???

I am a fan of Elizabeth Taylor's beauty. Not only is she a mysterious, raven haired beauty, she has one of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in my entire life. It's not the color I'm talking about, surprisingly! It's about her GORGEOUS eyebrows and eyelashes!! Here are pics of her that I've saved on my computer and what I desire to achieve through LOA:



She was a BABY in these pictures! No makeup at all! Look how naturally gorgeous her eyes look! I want them for myself now! :)

I have asked The Universe about my wish, and I am looking at these pictures for visualization, but I do have one question: Is it okay if I went ahead and buy myself eyebrow/eyelash enhancer, such as Latisse/Careprost, while I'm visualizing this wish, or is it better to just let The Universe do the job for me? I am in a time and place in my life where I am accepting of how beautiful I am, but it doesn't hurt to add thick dark eyebrows and long, thick, dark, and curly eyelashes like Elizabeth's, you know? I love focusing on my eyes when I put on makeup, like mascara and brow powder, that I often don't need anything else after. I'd love to just be able to naturally own beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes and not worry about putting on makeup daily or the eyebrow/eyelash enhancer running out and risk losing my progresses.

So, do I go ahead and buy the enhancer, or just trust The Universe 100% and let it be? Thank you!

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  • She is Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon. No wonder she is so mysterious. She possesed double-water energy. I can sense intense stares just from seeing her eyes, because I am born Scorpio Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, NorthNode, and Saturn in 8th house(Scorpio house). People said I am so intense.

  • jamie, can you be more specific?how do you talk to your cells? do you visualize while doing it? do you say it out loud. ? and can u talk about your afgirmations thank you


    My eyelashes are slowly growing longer, curlier, and darker. I think I see a bit of thickness in there too! My eyebrows also look strangely different, although it isn't super dramatic. I am doing cell talk, visualization + meditation, affirmations, and looking at photos of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes. It's working amazingly well!

    Will keep you all updated! The law of attraction is real and I am proof of this! Never give up!

  • Yeaaaaah :D

    My eyes are looking very beautiful lately. My fiance even commented that he can't tell anymore when I'm wearing my usual eye makeup (mascara & brow powder) or being bare faced. This is a GREAT sign!

    Will keep you all updated!!

  • Okay, so I just made a text-to-audio thing on my iPhone and it's these affirmations about brows and lashes, so I will listen to this at least once or a few times daily. It makes me feel so good when the lady on it tells me my eyes are absolutely beautiful already. :-D Wish me luck!


    So my eyelashes are curling upward again. This is great! I am doing affirmations, cell talk, and visualizations in my mind picturing myself with beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes. I am also collecting more photos of Elizabeth Taylor to admire over them. My fiance told me just tonight how beautiful I look and it sends my heart straight to heaven. <3

    I could do a combination of meditation + visualization because this is a very good way to rev up my manifestation. I have already gotten down to meditating properly with deep breathing and clearing out my mind, so this shouldn't be too hard!

  • cheekcheeknosie, I will look at all three videos tonight, and then tomorrow I will start over with this and do the following:

    1. Write down my affirmation. (I found this really cool letter template on "The Secret" website, and the first thing it says is, "I am so happy and grateful now that..." and then you type the rest. I did it with my body shape, my breast size, a new job, meeting my fiance, etc. It's really cool and it works! And you only have to do it once!)
    2. Do cell talk at least once or twice a day, when I wake up and before I go to sleep.
    3. Look at my goal picture(s) once or twice a day, or more if I like. I'll even do cell-talk while looking at it, telling my cells to look like the picture.
    4. Meditate and visualization at least once a day.
    5. Believe and let go.

    Wish me luck! :D

    • Good luck! :D

    • cheekcheeknosie, I apologize for not thanking you showing me all of this helpful information, so thank you so much! :D

      I saw all the three videos. The first one is very helpful, makes sense that everything I already want is already in my reality, I just need to let go and trust that it'll show up in my physical reality. :) The other two videos, that boy is very cute and lucky to have such luscious eyebrows and eyelashes... but they are a tad too long for my tastes. Not that there's anything wrong with them or him!

      I want the eyebrows and eyelashes of Elizabeth Taylor. I can definitely handle her eyebrow and eyelash length, thickness, fullness (she has a double row of eyelashes, I soooo want that for myself too!), darkness, and curliness so that I won't have to worry about using an eyelash curler unless I want a dramatic makeup look with mascara and other eye makeup.

      cheekcheeknosie, you will be the first to be notified once I see results once again. Good luck on your manifestations too! :D

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