I want to go back PLEASE HELP!! <3

So i was on this site a few years ago. At the time I wanted to manifest perkier boobs and a toned stomach in a short amount of time for a job. I had photos on my page and got a lot of positive encouragement from people saying I didnt need to change.

Now fast forward, I got into substance abuse with my fiance at the time.. and i started hearing voices that told me im fat and ugly. Its been a looong time and Im coming back to my belief systems which have been shattered. I gained 30 pounds in all the wrong places.. my hair fell out and i look literally like a completely different person. I even ended up homeless on the street at one point being abused.

I cant stand looking at myself in the mirror. I feel like this while voices are telling me 24/7 telling me "youre gross, your fat your ugly all the guys know youre fat now hes cheating on you."
 (with a pretty girl with a nice body) im obviously seeing a doctor but that doesnt fix my aesthetics. I have tried to start working out (which i used to do regularly along with the law of attraction) but i am SO HEAVY that i can only do a fraction of a workout.

Please give me any advice you would for getting a flatter stomach and longer hair. I cant stand walking around like this anymore and meeting new people while I look like this. I turn down people inviting me out or going on dates because of my look. I no longer do modeling photoshoots so Im losing out on money that I need.

The main photo on my profile is an old picture and Ive attached 2 more old pictures. the one where im modeling in was around the time that I originally posted in this forum. I honestly cant even post a current picture right now because its so depressing but im sure i created a visual.  thanks guys.. any out of the box advice would help :) <3



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  • Hi, Daniella...Hope u are doing well.
  • OP. how are you feeling and looking now?

  • Hi Daniella,

    Search of Snake Diet on Youtube and check out Cole Robinsons or the black ladys (her name is escaping me right now) videos. You will get the best diet for losing fat in the fastest, most safest and most spirtually advancing way possible. You should genuinely lose your excess fat all within a couple of weeks. It will also give you a full body detox too. Also, your schoolgirl pic looks amazing lol.


  • Hello Daniella, 

    So far, what other people that replied to your post are very good. However, if it's me, I'll need to set up my mind to remember the face, & body I used to have. I'll look at a beautiful photo of myself that I want to go back to and set a powerful intention that you'll transform back to your beautiful self again..

    Forget the things that made you sad and remember those that made you glad.

    Forget the troubles that passed away and remember the blessings that come each day.

    May your journey to transformation bring fruitfulness.

  • The voice in your head is a lie. Don't believe in nothing that abuse you in such a violent way even if it comes from your own mind. That voice is not your friend so you can feel free to not believe it at all. You're very beautiful girl. You're really, really hot actually.

  • Keto diet! If you do it correctly and consistently along with intermittent fasting, that flat stomach is yours. And it changes your body chemistry for the better. Also that biotin supplements for hair, skin and nails. Keto diet and the fasting allowed me to lose 20 kgs in 3 months. But I was strict and there were no cheat days. You don't even have to exercise if you dont want to, the fat just melts away. 

  • thankyou so much! ill write this down

  • Here are some practical tips for weight: 

    • Watch your carb intake; this will cut your weight gain (which is due to insulin resistance because you likely have too many carbohydrates/sugars in your diet) AND cravings so you won't notice it as much. 20g should be all you need. Look into the keto diet. This will also have a huge impact on your mood and overall well-being
    • Intermittent fast: Only eat 8 hours a day, fast the other 16
    • Walk 30 min a day. No need to do anything strenuous. I know a girl who walked around her dining room table 30 min / day and that's it and she looked great. 
    • Get sleep. Not enough sleep contributes to weight gain. 
    • Be compassionate to yourself when you slip up. 
    • Drink apple cider vinegar before bed (make sure it has the "mother" at the bottom and dilute in water). This cuts blood sugar levels. 
    • Eat mostly greens and healthy fats (avocados, nuts, etc.)  
    • Use coconut oil exclusively and avoid vegetable oils. 
    • WHEN exercising intensely, do high intensity interval sets. You can do 10 minutes and get an hour's workout if you do it right. Go 1-minute high intensity (mildly strenuous), 1-minute low intensity, and alternate. This is like magic. You can keep the fat away by just alternating like this. Do what is slightly difficult/uncomfortable then comfortable and switch back and forth. You can DO ANYTHING FOR A MINUTE!

    Psychologically, do deep breathing meditation (focus on breath) for 15 minutes then spend the next 15 minutes THANKING God for giving you a beautiful body and really see yourself appreciating it in the mirror and throughout your visualized day. During the day, practice roma victor technique (a form of mindfulness). When you hear yourself saying that you are not beautiful, etc. etc. repeat the exact opposite 5 times and really stretch your mind and emotion to believe it. 

    Let me know how you feel in a week :) <3

    GOOD LUCK :) 

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