Im new to Law of attraction.I have a thin body figure and short, Im 18 year old and I believe I can still grow my whole body,I want to know that my method will work or not.

everyday I visualizing like this:I feel the line of my ideal body,how I feel when I touch my body and how my body will feel,the shouder I will see when I turn my head,how I will touch the doorknob when Im in my ideal height,the eyesight,my sleeping posture,how my body look like when I see through mirror,my friends that see my once a long time impressed with my body figure and height and ask me how to do this etc.

I wish I can buy new clothes with the size that my ideal body will fit,but I can't afford.So Im thinking that my clothes is too tiny for me as I had grown (I do my best to not look into the mirror and compare,when I do,I just tell myself: I'm beautiful,tall,and attractive) ,only M size or free size will fit me (I'm Asian).Can this work?

I also look at the celebrity who has my ideal height and body,and thinking this is my body,Im attractive.I even PS a photo of me to my ideal appearance.starting off I feel very strange with the new me,but later I slowly love the appearance I have.I will not watching mirror for long to avoid comparing and has doubt,I always think Im tall,I have my ideal body,I feel much happier now and looking foward.

I done this for a couple days as I recall.

For my height, I would like to start my exercise and other growing tall routine(including visualizing), I want to grow my body bones figure together with this process.

After done all my session,I will write down 'I had grown 1cm  today, Im feel grateful and happy, now I am 155cm ,Thank you so much.' the total height will add a cm every two day,and I will visualizing I have grown to the total height and my body figure grow a little too.

I prefer slowly adding, a sudden transform is really hard to feel and experience.

will this work?How can I manifest the ideal body I want?Am I doing it right?Should I let go or just continue my methods?

Please give me some suggestion and answer,I need your help.

Thank you so much :)

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  • I like how you slowly increase the height

    anything that helps you truly believe is good. it should feel normal (like people who are tall don't wake up and get excited and freak out about their is normal to them. it will feel that way to you at some point, and when it does, you know that you are close, and you truly believe.)

  • Thank you :DD

  • You're good. :)
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