I want to master this guys techniques He says he's an immortal vampire and if you follow his techniques you'll live forever. But he says 1 in 1,000 will succeed. He says the loa only works if you take action. And that god doesn't exist but if you believe in a god that'll be okay with you wanting to be immortal that was fine.

The main process is to one create a tulpa or an imaginary type friend tell/intend him to make you an immortal and that he's free to do and learn to make you an immortal. To build and create him then to get rid of all beliefs that tell you, you cant be immortal. You can also be a fairy or angel or whatever. Oh and you have to build an imaginary land where you live than you become one with the other. And bam your immortal. It's great to try to intend/to dream this stuff.

 I wanna know how can I use the loa to speed up the process? He said there was somebody who mastered it immortality in five years but he was like a monk and spent up to five hours a day or all day practicing.

I want to know how I can use the loa to speed up the process to do this? Thanks you guys/!

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    • Tulpa making was practiced by Tibetan Buddhists and high Himalaya monks.

    • I was wondering, cuz I read how to make them. I was just wondering if in any situation Tulpa are optional cuz supposedly there's more then 1 way of doing things. And I mean If know what doing go for it. I just know some ppl treat magik like a game
  • This is a good forum. I would say, one of the best forum about immortality

  • You can loa anything, and we shuld be able to discuss more stuff,altho some topics are eh
  • I'm curious where got this. That site isn't free. And I wonder why you must live in a diff place, but I suppose there's ways to make it. And I've wondered what this guy really knows, cuz I already bought a book. I suppose there'd be more then 1 method. If you ask loa to speed this up I'd imagine just loa you would anything else. Loa is a law but it's also just a collection of methods. Methods are a tool, evrything is mind alone. Im going to spare a essay but I had a kinda long analogy. I don't wonder if even need a tulpa
  • Hi thecorinthian,

    I don't mean to sound rude but what does this have to do with changing physical appearance? If it does, I apologize for coming off as intolerant. I was just merely curious.


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