• I understand what you're saying. It might be a useless story to some people but I'm sure it'll also help some of them with believing that if there doesn't have to be a big buffer of time, maybe there doesn't have to be a buffer at all, that's what it did to me at least. You are indeed right the $850 did not come right away, however if you want to get technical I manifested a penny instantly, you may call it coincidence but the video also told me to expect to find lots of pennies. I followed along with those instructions and found a penny on the ground, it's a manifestation and a pretty instant one too. I'm sure the story will help some people and if not that's fine too, at least it helped me shift my thinking and definitely moved me closer to being able to instantly manifest big things :)
    • Thanks for your story Laure! :)

    • I think it's not a useless story at all - far from it. And to be honest, for me, if I were to manifest something in just a couple of hours, I'd be very pleased with that indeed and I'd regard it as a success, even if it wasn't 100% "instant".

    • Exactly!

  • Well technically, it DID take the time for you to go to your bathroom and than two hours after that. I'm not nitpicking here - in cases like this, devil really is in the details. Imagine the level you'd need to be on to literally instantly manifest those dollars - perhaps right in front of you, or perhaps making it so  your phone rings or you meet a king stranger, whatever, that very moment. A lot has happened in two hours, especially if you're into conscious-subconscious theories. So, hope you now know what instant manifestation is more like.

  • Although it may not be a physical manifestation, it sure was instant (I'm sorry if you only meant physical manifestations). I watched a video called 'How to manifest financial abundance using a penny', it explains how you should view a penny as a representation of a bigger sum of money. You basically have to be extremely excited and grateful whenever you find a penny as it represents financial abundance. You should treat the penny like it's $1000 or $10000 or maybe even a million dollars, it's really just a way of acting as if. After I watched this video I went to the bathroom where I randomly found a penny on the floor. I thought that was crazy (it was probably a sign, looking back now) and thanked the universe like how I should according to the video I'd just watched. I basically forgot about it afterwards but I kid you not, two hours later my grandparents called telling me they had recieved an inheritance and they were gifting me and my sisters $850 each. Now if that's not an instant manifestation I don't know what is. It completely enhanced my faith! Hope you found that useful :)

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