i've been feeling a lot better recently and i really enjoy where i'm at with life. i'm casually working on manifesting a new relationship now because my previous one ended on mutual terms (we are still friendly and it was very calm and great as breakups go).  i feel like i've had success manifesting and being positive about everything else in life except changing my physical appearance.

i feel like my resistance to this is very strong and i want some simple solution such as 'listening to subliminals' but it's hard when i don't see results as easily. nowadays subliminals have their own community on Youtube but i can't really trust when they say they get results because they are vague about it and it seems like each channel is commenting on each other's videos.

i started listening to subliminals again and wasn't worried so much about my face shape before that but today i noticed my face was wider :( i feel like i've reread everyone's success stories again and again but rarely do they talk about changing things like 'face shape' and 'nose' or 'eye size', they describe it really plainly and i cannot really get my answers from that.

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  • Changing you body is one of those things that requires less attention from how you currently look, but that's hard because we're aware of our bodies 24/7. Actually changing physical traits isn't hard, nor does it take long-- it's the focusing away from how you look now that's hard. You can do it, though. The thing is, people normally want to change their appearance because they believe they are not beautiful the way they are. Of course, there could be other reasons, but nobody would feel pressure and frustration trying to change their appearance if they felt beautiful already. 

    I'm trying to manifest physical changes too, but I realized I had to love my body as it is right now so that I don't feel the NEED to change to be beautiful, but simply to change because I love myself and I want to be happy. Doing anything out of fear (i.e: changing physical appearance out of self hate) will really only make you feel worse about yourself. Not only that, but you won't get results. Loving yourself TO change as well, doesn't work. You need to love yourself because it is your birthright to be loved.

    I know the law of attraction seems confusing, and I've been on this roller coaster of figuring out why I haven't been changing, but it's really simple: get happy in any way you can. Love yourself and your body in any way you can. The truth is, any and all subliminals work if you believe them. It's all about your belief system, not what you use to shift it. Constantly being obsessed with this goal of trying to bang a manifestation into place will really only drive you to madness. It took me a year to really understand that to manifest anything at all (including physical changes) I had to be happy with where I am now-- find positive aspects about my body and love it to death because it's what I deserved. Becoming less obsessed with physical changing made my resistance soften, and I have noticed a few changes. It really is about allowing your body to change, rather than forcing it to change by thinking you have to DO something to change it. 

    Once you have the right information, you'll realize that changing your body really is as easy and as quick as anything else. as a matter of fact, your body is the quickest to respond to your thoughts, but it never feels that way because you think you're focused on your new body, but if you think about your new body and you feel bad, you're really actually focused on the lack of it. 

    It's about Allowing. 

  • Exactly! We are so attached to the notion that our bodies are unchangeable, we actually perpetuate the perception we have right now, instead of changing it.

  • You know why it feels harder for you? We're so aware of our bodies 24/7, and we constantly seek validation in our external circumstances to measure our success (photos, mirror, comments) and this is where we screw up. I think you are still telling yourself that your external reality is the "real" one, you need to realize your mind is the only thing that's real, outside is just an experience, a reflection, a mirror. Find a way to ignore (not invalidate) reality. Stop seeking evidence elsewhere, change your mindset and realize that that's the only evidence you will ever need.

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