Is it bad to change your race?

Is it bad to go from black to white or Asian to white? Or change your features to a different race's feature? Like a white woman becoming curvy like a black or latina woman or, an Asian man becoming pale and blued eye and blond like a white person?

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  • Curviness isn't exclusive to one race. I'm a tall, slender black girl and I'm friends with a 100% caucasian family where the women ALL have curvy bodies (I kind of envied them!). Don't see it as changing race, you're changing your body to be what you want it to be. :)
    HOWEVER I've dealt with a lot of internalized self-hatred that I did not know was there. When I recognized and dealt with it, I got clearer on what I wanted and now no longer feel bad about wanting to soften my hair, for example. Be self-aware, definitely, but don't feel bad about what you want. :)

  • Hey there!

    Well, you don't have to feel bad about doing this, for the simple being that there is no race that can have complete monopoly over certain physical attributes. For example, not every person who has blonde hair is a white person, believe it or not! All eye colors can be found in all races, yes, even Asians and African descent people. I've seen pictures of green eyed 100% Asians, and I've seen curvy white women as well too.

    Have fun!

  • Thanks.

  • I hope not. I'm a Latina who wants a more Slavic face.
  • No, it is NOT bad; your life - you do what you want

  • You do whatever you want, simple like that. There is not  bad or good, do what you like.

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