Is it possible to still attract under neediness?

This is something very confusing. Because like most people they would say you cannot attract out of neediness / Desperateness for something because neediness attracts more neediness, but is this all entirely true? I mean look at some of the most successful people in the world. They would talk constantly about how much they strived for something and how much they would work. Is this not a form of neediness? if so then how did they attract so much into their life under this "Neediness"?

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  • Sometimes you get things without the LOA playing a part. Although, in truth, the harder they worked, the more positive they felt about their future due to working hard lone.

  • Maria,

    I completely agree with you and enjoyed your post.   It is always nice to be happy and cultivating a nice inner state is worthwhile, but we do trip up.

    The best piece of advice I ever got during this process is that whatever we believe (the impression that we have) universal consciousness to be is what will be reflected back.   We can make our relationship with this energy.

    We can hold the idea that works within our individuality.

    If we believe something like it being a divine presence that is always there to quickly receive and deliver the desire that we want, and is there for me in good times or bad then that will be reflected.  (just a short example).

    Within our decision we can make easy it or complex.  We can make this energy as loving and supportive as we need.  Instead of always having to change to meet the rules of others that can keep us really stuck.

    All the best to you!

  • I think Moon Light (?) is right and it's good to see people are not afraid of putting their perspectives here even when other people may disagree it or try to prove a point. You did nothing wrong Moon Light. Of course it's nice to try to attract things when you are happy, but let's be real, sometimes it's not possible to be happy all the time and it hurts to fake something you're not and even worse seeing who are truly happy because I suffered from depression too, i'm not the same as before, but i'm glad you shared this because now I can manifest even being sad or neutral or pissed, I just have to change my beliefs. I'm a normal person with good and bad moments, so changing beliefs will suit me better than trying to be happy when i'm not - and i'm not gonna stop wanting what I want because "LOA rules say blah blah bah". GREAT TOPIC VeX - thank you for bringing this up :D

  • I agree. I basically almost said this from first post.
  • Whats a good way to reprogram your self with newer beliefs? Because affirmations and visualizations don't effect me as well for belief changing.

    • My friend, google and my intuition have provided me all the information I've ever needed. You need to search and see what feels right to you, my advices are only my own experience, and may not fit yours.
  • Short answer: Yes. You can attract THINGS you NEED while in a desperate state. Money,food,a job, whatever. Assuming you don't have some sort of karma or agreement (same thing, both cancelable) you seek those things with enough intensity and they will come to you. But trying to literally reconfigure your physical body while your mind state doesn't even really believe it's possible...? No way in hell. You need to calm down and relax, thru whatever means possible, whether it's drugs, music, a hobby, whatever, TENSE energy is not flexible energy. Once you get that relaxation down, and you got the belief (not a half assed but a REAL BELIEF), then go ahead and try whatever techniques u have.
  • I have been researching different things. Im still using diff audio but im wondering that because you can loa with belief alone can you make gama brain waves at will?
  • I dont know about that, its too complicated for me, i know peoples that start tarining with knowledge out there, that just said " i can simplify i" and then they made up their own way, this is what i do, so i aware that there are all theses types of meditations etc

    For example, state of trance, looks too complicated right, but is not,for example youre Reading right now, youre in a trance state, but when i read about that man, looks very complicated ( if my answer dont make sense is because im doing many things right now in the same time)

  • Not to sound rude but you almost said what I did. You said you needed money. As said before at a minimum loa can give what you need. And as jota says you make rules by beliefs which is back to belief trumps all else
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