Is it possible to still attract under neediness?

This is something very confusing. Because like most people they would say you cannot attract out of neediness / Desperateness for something because neediness attracts more neediness, but is this all entirely true? I mean look at some of the most successful people in the world. They would talk constantly about how much they strived for something and how much they would work. Is this not a form of neediness? if so then how did they attract so much into their life under this "Neediness"?

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    • I agree with this so much! Some people have chemical imbalances and are naturally depressed. You dont have to be happy all the time to attract things, you just have to believe that you  will no matter what. Ive found some big amounts of money when I wasnt in the best mood.Now with desperation, when I did attract it was the bare minimum

    • chemical imbalance. How do you fix something like this?

    • Thank you so much for this!!!

      It's what i really needed to hear! I'm trying to attract a new work placement (career change) and haven't had one since last July. I'm definitely needy at the moment! Reading LOA things where people saying you need to be a vibrational match just makes it worse and makes me more depressed. I know I'll get it sooner or later but when you're unemployed and trying to attract work it's so difficult, not just financially but feeling like a failure and having other people going on at me.

    • I agree! :D

  • I have attracted large sums of money numerous times when I was totally desperate, depressed and in a huge state of panic.  I wasn't feeling wealthy, loved, grateful or anything like that.  I was focused on how little money I had and WTF I was going to do.

    I don't believe that this is totally true.

  • Got it in one Ashe Black
  • It depends. Love is most powerful. Neutrality is ok. Ive done stuff out of desperation but its what I needed. Not wanted. Or sometimes something random kicks in. Like one time I was afraid of mom calling me fat and being mad I didnt fit pants a short time. I paniced. A few days later my legs lost a cm maybe. Now its not perfect becuz I wanted way skinny legs but I met my deadline and at least can fit my pants. If you think though that you can say change whole body shape in a week feeling needines, you cannot.
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