Is to much attachment in relationships / friendships bad?

Usually with the LOA we hear things that are about being attached to the outcome can be bad, will the same apply towards relationships / friendships? that by being to attached to that person could manifesting ending it altogether?

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  • Yeah im having trouble, when i enter most relationships i get tooo clingy and worried if that person leaves. I Wish i could control that but these emotions of clingy and worry are very overwhelming.

  • Depends if it is one sided and to what degree the other is effected by it.  Some may thrive on it while other are repelled by it.  There is also a correlation between how clingy you are with your partner and how much attraction you cause. Get too clingy and attraction go right out the window.

  • Best is the perfect space between the two people
    Either it is a relationship of friends or of relations,a perfect space helps breathe both
    Even a mother gets panic when a baby sticks or cry so why not other relationships or friendships
  • Depends. Attachment out of pure love/appreciation or attachment out of insecurity, guilt or shame. Depends where you are
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